[Corpora-List] Seeking input on a new policy for paper awards at *ACL conferences

Jonathan Kummerfeld jkummerf at umich.edu
Thu Mar 10 15:07:48 CET 2022

Dear colleagues,

We want your input on a policy for awards for research papers at *ACL conferences!

Policy: https://web.eecs.umich.edu/~jkummerf/draft-acl-award-policy.pd

Feedback: https://forms.gle/9QketBEHraYzfua46

Key points:

- Judge final papers (not submissions)

- Highlight a wider range of contributions

- Improve consistency across conferences

I've been working as part of a committee to develop this and it is now being reviewed by the ACL executive. See the end of the document for notes on its development, including discussion and reasoning around key choices.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Jonathan Kummerfeld

-- Visiting Scholar, Harvard University Research Associate II, University of Michigan Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney

Mid-2022: Senior Lecturer (ie. research tenure-track Asst. Prof.) U. Sydney

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