[Corpora-List] PAR-MEX at IberLEF 2022. Call for Participation

Helena Gomez helena.adorno at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 23:55:36 CET 2022

IberLEF 2022 Task PARMEX: Paraphrase Identification in Mexican Spanish

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/par-mex/

PAR-MEX will be organized as part of IberLEF 2022, at the SEPLN 2022 Conference (A Coruña, September 2022).

Text similarity research has been of great interest in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with the growth of technology due to the large number of applications it currently has, such as plagiarism detection or machine translation. Paraphrasing is helpful in this task because it consists of expressing an idea in a different way allowing researchers to study the possibilities of language. These variations can be found at any linguistic level, from morphology to pragmatics.

In order to paraphrase effectively, from a word to a complete reformulation, it is not enough to change the structure of a sentence, as it does not cover the full extent of paraphrase. An idea can be expressed differently by changing some words (e.g., looking for synonyms) or reordering its elements. In addition, there is no need to use any of the words contained in the original sentence, so we can paraphrase an idea as long as we keep the main concept. In contrast, we can use the same words in two texts that do not have any kind of relation. Therefore, paraphrasing is not just replacing elements or their structure. Unfortunately, current paraphrase tasks only aim to this last point.

For the first edition of the Paraphrase Identification in Mexican Spanish (PAR-MEX) task, we propose a sentence-level paraphrase identification track, which consists of a traditional paraphrase identification scenario where the aim is to identify if a sentence is a paraphrase of another sentence. The challenge in this scenario consists in distinguishing high and low-level paraphrases from the only lexical overlap of the sentences.


March 1st 2022: Training data available to participants.

April 15th 2022: Test data available to participants.

April 20th 2022: System results due to organizers.

May 5th 2022: Assessment returned to participants.

June 1st 2022: Working notes submission.

June 15th 2022: Working notes reviewed (peer-reviewed).

July 5th 2022: Camera-ready papers due to organizers.

September 2022: IberLEF 2022 workshop.

September/October 2022: Presentation of results at a workshop in Mexico.


Gemma Bel-Enguix (UNAM, Mexico) Helena Gomez-Adorno (UNAM, Mexico) Gerardo Sierra (UNAM, Mexico) Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno (Avignon Université, France) Germán Ortiz Barajas (UNAM, Mexico) Juan Miguel Vásquez Aguilar (UNAM, Mexico)

Contact: task.parmex at gmail.com

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