[Corpora-List] ProbBank purpose role: PNC or PRP?

alueckin luecking at em.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Mar 2 10:16:52 CET 2022

Dear list,

a clarification question regarding semantic role labeling according to PropBank as used, e.g., in CONLL 2012: there are two labels used for the purpose role, ARGM-PNC and ARGM-PRP. Are they used interchangeably?

Some philology:

The guidelines of CONLL 2014/15 mention only ARGM-PNC. The current PropBank guidelines (http://propbank.github.io) mention only ARGM-PRP. A break occurred in the 2005 CL paper (https://aclanthology.org/J05-1004/) where PNC is used in tab.1, p.77 but PRP is used in tab.13, p.99.

Thanks for clarifying clues!


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