[Corpora-List] visualization of terms in lines in kind of a Bayesian, navigational way ...

Mike Scott mike at lexically.net
Thu Jan 27 13:09:18 CET 2022

Dear Albrecht

Perhaps you could explain a little more what you have in mind?

Your query reminds me of Kitsch & Van Dijk's article nearly fifty years ago:

Kintsch, Walter & Teun van Dijk, 1978, Toward a Model of Text Comprehension and Production. Psychological Review, Vol 85, No. 5. pp. 363-394


On 26/01/2022 23:14, Albretch Mueller wrote:
> I have lines with some of free text which I would like to visualize
> in a way that if I click on a term all the previous text segments
> confluencing onto that term and all other sprouting off of it are
> readable as part of a weighted and navigatable representation.
> Is there such a thing or anything like that out there you would recommend?
> lbrtchx
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