[Corpora-List] Jobs: PhD in NLP?

fabio.massimo.zanzotto at uniroma2.it fabio.massimo.zanzotto at uniroma2.it
Wed Jan 26 11:18:38 CET 2022

Are you a planning to enroll in a PhD program for NLP in October 2022? Why don't you consider also applying NLP techniques to discover how life work and to contribute to medical research on -omics data?

It is time to start thinking where to apply!

What we offer for you:

* A group working on Human-centric AI, NLP, and ML * A vibrant, national PhD program in AI (PhD-AI) * Two active H2020 EU Projects in ML for Medicine ( <http://www.katy-project.eu> www.katy-project.eu and <http://www.revert-project.eu> www.revert-project.eu) * The collaboration with an image processing group in University of Rome Tor Vergata * The possibility to live in Rome, Italy for a while

What you should offer:

* a positive, curiosity-driven attitude * an out-of-the-box thinking attitude * an initial background in NLP and in ML * your commitment

Last but not least: the PhD program is totally founded!

We know you live in the land of possibilities, but, if you want to consider also this one, feel free to contact <mailto:fabio.massimo.zanzotto at uniroma2.it> fabio.massimo.zanzotto at uniroma2.it

Position: Fully-funded PhD PhD program: PhDAI.it Location: University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy Starting date: 1 November 2022 Themes: NLP, ML for NLP, ML for -omics

A glance on our research:

<https://www.jair.org/index.php/jair/article/view/11345> Viewpoint: Human-in-the-loop Artificial Intelligence | Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (Project site: <http://HitAI.org> HitAI.org)

<https://aclanthology.org/2020.emnlp-main.18/> KERMIT: Complementing Transformer Architectures with Encoders of Explicit Syntactic Interpretations | EMNLP 2020

<https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/frobt.2019.00153/full> Symbolic, Distributed, and Distributional Representations for Natural Language Processing in the Era of Deep Learning: A Survey

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