[Corpora-List] Tutorials from Machine Translation Half-Marathon

Toms Bergmanis toms.bergmanis at Tilde.lv
Tue Jan 18 10:47:49 CET 2022

Machine Translation Half-Marathon was a 3-day online event on topics related to Machine Translation. In case you missed it, you still have an option to go through several of the tutorials on your own time:

* Tutorial on runtime domain adaptation, for those who are interested in creating machine translation systems which learn from user post-edits https://github.com/tilde-nlp/runtime-domain-adaptation-tutorial

* Efficient machine translation, for those who are interested in optimizing cost and speed https://nbogoychev.com/efficient-machine-translation

* Use of factored models, for those who are interested in incorporating additional information in the standard sequence-to-sequence architectures https://github.com/marian-cef/hackathon-factors-tutorial

Toms Bergmanis On behalf of Machine Translation Half-Marathon organizers

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