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Prof Monika Bednarek at Sydney University referred me to this list. I am a PhD student at Alphacrucis college (Sydney, Australia), combining studies in business and linguistics. I have an intense research and practice focus on collaborative work dating back many years. I am exploring a theory about the existence of what I term "Purpose Registers" in outcome-focused interactions.

I am seeking leads to any English corpora that record the texts of cooperative work. Examples include:

* Strategy workshops

* Architect interactions

* Designer interactions

* Project-based environments, such as Engineering or Design.

* Shopfloor interactions

I'm fully prepared for these to be embedded in a mixed corpora - I'm prepared to do the sifting.

I would be most grateful for any leads, links or referrals you could give me to progress my quest.

My research findings are based on understanding outcome-focussed cooperative work as a phased trajectory of conversational interactions. I have identifies three distinct dynamical ecosystems (behaviours and artefacts) and the phase change markers.

I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate in multidimensional analysis of the three distinct registers I have discerned.

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