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Anita Valmarska anita.valmarska at ijs.si
Tue Jan 11 11:36:55 CET 2022

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EMBEDDIA <http://embeddia.eu/> is a Horizon 2020 project, performed by a consortium of 10 partners from academia, news media, and ICT technology. The project address the challenge of providing advanced natural language processing (NLP) tools by leveraging innovations in the use of cross-lingual embeddings coupled with deep neural networks to address the needs of news media companies from countries with less-resourced languages. The developed NLP tools allow existing monolingual resources to be used across languages, leveraging their high speed of operation for near-real-time applications, without the need for large computational resources.

Across three years, EMBEDDIA developed novel solutions and tested them in real-world news media production contexts. All EMBEDDIA tools are available free of charge under an open-source license.

We kindly invite the research community to be among the first to try out our free AI solutions, available through our EMBEDDIA Media Assistant <https://embeddia.texta.ee/> toolkit. The developed tools are available either through the graphical user interface, API, or in a docker form — suitable for the different needs of end-users. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!


EMBEDDIA Media Assistant <https://embeddia.texta.ee/> Video presentation of the EMBEDDIA Tools <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBQIXLCOUVI> info at embeddia.eu <mailto:info at embeddia.eu>

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