[Corpora-List] Monthly online ILFC Seminar: interactions between formal and computational linguistics

Timothée Bernard timothee.bernard at ens-lyon.org
Mon Jan 10 13:45:30 CET 2022

*Monthly online ILFC Seminar: interactions between formal and computational linguistics* https://gdr-lift.loria.fr/monthy-online-ilfc-seminar/

GdR LIFT is happy to announce the two forthcoming sessions of the ILFC seminar on the interactions between formal and computational linguistics:

- 2022/01/18 17:00-18:00 UTC+1: *Johan Bos* (University of Groningen)

Title: *Variable-free Meaning Representations *Abstract:

*Most formal meaning representations use variables to represent entities

and relations between them. But variables can be bothersome for people

annotating texts with meanings, and for algorithms that work with meanings

representations, in particular the recent machine learning methods based on

neural network technology. Hence the question that I am interested in is:

can we replace the currently popular meaning representations with

representations that do not use variables, without giving up any expressive

power? My starting point are the representations of Discourse

Representation Theory. I will show that these can be replaced by a simple

language based on indices instead of variables, assuming a neo-Davidsonian

event semantics. The resulting formalism has several interesting

consequences. Apart from being beneficial to human annotators and machine

learning algorithms, it also offers straightforward visualisation

possibilities and potential for modelling information packaging.*

- 2022/02/15 17:00-18:00 UTC+1: *Najoung Kim* (New York University;

11:00-12:00 UTC-5)

Title: [TBA]

Abstract: [TBA]

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