[Corpora-List] First Call for WASSA 2022 Shared Task on Empathy and Personality Detection and Emotion Classification

Shabnam Tafreshi stafresh at umd.edu
Tue Jan 4 00:37:02 CET 2022

Dear colleagues and friends,

We propose the *Shared Task on Empathy Detection, Emotion Classification and Personality Detection*, organized as part of WASSA 2022 <https://wassa-workshop.github.io/> at ACL 2022 <https://www.2022.aclweb.org/>. This task aims at developing models which can predict empathy and emotion based on essays written in reaction to news articles where there is harm to a person, group, or other.

***CodaLab Online***

The CodaLab website on which the shared task will be run is now online: https://codalab.lisn.upsaclay.fr/competitions/834

All necessary information regarding the shared task can be found there.

***Task Description***

Participants are given an extended release of the empathic reactions to news stories dataset which contains essays and Batson empathic concern and personal distress scores in reaction to news articles where there is harm to a person, group, or other (for more details see Buechel et al. 2018 <https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/D18-1507/>). The essays are between 300 and 800 characters in length. The extension of this dataset also includes the news articles, person-level demographic information (age, gender, ethnicity, income, education level) as well as personality information. Additionally, we also included emotion labels to the essays at sentence level (silver standard).

You can participate in two different tracks:

- *Track 1: Empathy Prediction (EMP)*, which consists in predicting both

the empathy concern and the personal distress at the essay-level.

- *Track 2: Emotion Classification (EMO)*, which consists in predicting

the emotion at the essay-level.

- *Track 3: Personality Prediction (PER)*, which consists in predicting

each Big Five personality traits: openness to experience,

conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism at the


- *Track 4: Interpersonal Reactivity Index Prediction (IRI)*, which

consists of predicting each dimension of assessment of empathy: perspective

taking, fantasy, empathic concern.

***Important Dates***

- Jan. 3rd 2022: Initial training data release

- Jan. 3rd 2022: Codalab competition website goes online and development

data released

- March 13th 2022: Evaluation phase begins: development labels test data


- March 16th 2022: Deadline submission final result on Codalab

- March 21th 2022: Deadline system description paper (max. 4p)

- April 3rd 2022: Notification of acceptance

- April 10 2022: Camera-ready papers due

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