[Corpora-List] Jobs at Leeds University UK

Eric Atwell E.S.Atwell at leeds.ac.uk
Sat Apr 23 13:50:09 CEST 2022

Leeds University had a recruitment freeze since 2020 due to COVID, but now we are hiring! We welcome applicants from the CORPORA community. For alerts on upcoming vacancies, register at https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/>

For example...

Lecturer in Film Studies with a language or area specialism currently under-represented in the field<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=AHCLC1174>. deadline 3.5.22

Teaching Fellow in Phonetics<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=AHCLC1175> deadline 10.5.22

Research Assistant in Natural Language Processing for Conversational AI<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=AHCDE1177> deadline 24.4.22

Research Fellow in Machine Learning and Data Analytics<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=EPSMA1060> deadline 6.5.22

Sense of Belonging Lead Officer<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=PSEDE1011>. deadline 30.4.22

Pedagogical Wellbeing and Compassionate Curriculum Project Officer<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=PSEDE1013> deadline 24.4.22

Director of International Pathway Programmes<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=CSIFY1014>. deadline 2.5.22

Course Design Manager<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=CSDLS1183>. deadline 27.5.22

Lecturer in Computing<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=EPSCP1092>. deadline 3.5.22

Interim Head of the School of Computing<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=EPSCP1093> deadline 24.04.22

Lecturer in Political Theory<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=ESLPO1071> deadline 9.5.22

IT Communications Officer<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=CSCOM1097> deadline 15.5.22

Assistant Digital Learning Developer<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=CSDLS1181> deadline 1.5.22

Deputy Head of Global Opportunities (Global Engagement)<https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=SESSP1305> deadline 5.5.22

NOTE: to apply for any of these jobs, go to https://jobs.leeds.ac.uk DO NOT ASK ME for further details; I am just the messenger, i am not on the recruitment panel for all these jobs!

Eric Atwell, Professor of Artificial Intelligence for Language

Director of Postgraduate Research Studies; online MSc AI programme leader

School of Computing, Uni of LEEDS, LS2 9JT, UK

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