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***** Closing date for applications: May 4th! *****

We are looking for a 2-year postdoc in identification and analysis of lexical semantic change using computational models applied to diachronic corpora.

Our languages change over time. As a consequence, words may look the same, but have different meanings at different points in time, a phenomenon called lexical semantic change (LSC). To facilitate interpretation, search, and analysis of old texts, we build computational methods for automatic detection and characterization of LSC from large amounts of text. Our outputs will be used by the lexicographic R&D unit that compiles the Swedish Academy dictionaries, as well as by researchers from the humanities and social sciences that include textual analysis as a central methodological component.

We are looking for a researcher with an excellent scientific track record and a phd in a relevant area (for example, language technology/natural language processing, computer science, complex systems, mathematics, linguistics with experience in computational methods, or informational sciences).

The Change is Key! program <https://changeiskey.org/>and the Towards Computational Lexical Semantic Change Detection <https://languagechange.org/> research project offer a vibrant, international research environment for this exciting and rapidly growing cutting-edge research field in NLP. There is a unique opportunity to contribute to the field of LSC, but also to humanities and social sciences through our active collaboration with international researchers in historical linguistics, analytical sociology, gender studies, conceptual history, and literary studies.

Come join us!

Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, 2 years Extent: 100% Location: Department of Swedish, Multilinguality, language technology, University of Gothenburg First day of employment: 2022-08-01 or by agreement


-- Nina N. Tahmasebi, Associate Professor Språkbanken • Change is Key! +46 (0) 31 786 6953nina.tahmasebi at gu.se http://spraakbanken.gu.se/eng/personal/ninahttps://changeiskey.org/https://languagechange.org/http://tahmasebi.se/https://gu-se.zoom.us/my/ninatahmasebi

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