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Thu Apr 14 11:13:45 CEST 2022

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The ACM Web Conference 2022 ** Newsletter#7 – Detailed Program, Third Keynote Speaker, More Sponsors, Register! ------------------------------------------------------------ Read the online version of this newsletter at https://www2022.thewebconf.org/newsletter-07/

Join the 1000+ people who have already registered to The ACM Web Conference 2022 ------------------------------------------------------------ https://www2022.thewebconf.org/registration/

** Detailed program is available ------------------------------------------------------------ Enjoy a very rich and diverse program composed of: - 3 amazing keynotes https://www2022.thewebconf.org/conference-keynotes/, - 4 exclusive sponsor talks https://www2022.thewebconf.org/conference-sponsor-talks/, - 323 papers in 11 Research Tracks https://www2022.thewebconf.org/accepted-papers/#research-block, - 41 papers in 3 Special Tracks https://www2022.thewebconf.org/accepted-papers/#special-block, - 77 papers in 5 Alternate Tracks https://www2022.thewebconf.org/accepted-papers/#alternate-bloc, - 116 papers and many invited talks in 22 Workshops https://www2022.thewebconf.org/accepted-workshop-papers, - 20 Tutorials https://www2022.thewebconf.org/tutorials/, - a job fair as well as a socializing space to meet our sponsors and exchange with all other participants online. https://www2022.thewebconf.org/job-fair/

Looking forward to this amazing edition to come!

The detailed program is available at https://www2022.thewebconf.org/conference-schedule/

** Keynote Speaker: Jaime Teevan (Microsoft) ------------------------------------------------------------ The ACM Web Conference Committee is proud to welcome Jaime Teevan (Microsoft) as Keynote Speaker of the conference! Jaime Teevan (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/people/teevan/) (https://twitter.com/jteevan) is a Chief Scientist and Technical Fellow at Microsoft Research, leader of Microsoft’s FutureOfWork initiative and researcher on how COVID19 changed our way to hybrid work. She will give her Keynote talk on Friday April 29th, 2022.

More information about our keynote speakers: https://www2022.thewebconf.org/conference-keynotes

** More Sponsors ------------------------------------------------------------ New sponsors joined The ACM Web Conference sponsorship program for 2022. We are proud to welcome and team up with:

Platinum Sponsor: LinkedIn Systems Lab The LinkedIn Systems Lab works on novel technologies to apply innovative ideas to LinkedIn's infrastructure while engaging with the research communities. https://careers.linkedin.com/students

Gold Sponsor: Inria Inria is the French national research institute for digital science and technology. With 200 project teams and 3,900 researchers, world-class research, technological innovation, and entrepreneurial risk are its DNA. https://www.inria.fr/en

Gold Sponsor: Baidu Early adopter of artificial intelligence, to make content discovery on the internet easier, Baidu Research's mission is to make the complicated world simpler through technology. https://home.baidu.com/home/index

Gold Sponsor: Amazon Science Amazon Science gives you insight into the scientific innovation of the most customer-centric company in the world! https://www.amazon.science/

Silver Sponsor: Meta The most interesting research questions are derived from real-world problems. Meta is working on cutting-edge research with a practical focus to push product boundaries every day. https://research.fb.com/

Silver Sponsor: Bloomberg Engineering News & the global capital markets are inextricably linked. Bloomberg Engineering uses information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing & knowledge graphs to help clients understand which news will move markets. https://www.techatbloomberg.com

Silver Sponsor: Microsoft Research Microsoft Research accelerates scientific discovery and technology innovation to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/

Bronze sponsors: Booking.com, eBay, Megagon, Spotify and data.world

Other Sponsor: INSA Lyon

Do you want to become a sponsor of The Web Conference 2022? Take a look at our sponsorship guide at: https://www2022.thewebconf.org/become-a-sponsor/ and contact us: marketing at thewebconf.org

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