[Corpora-List] NLP acceleration: Two complementary courses on Deep Learning and NLP

eneko agirre e.agirre at ehu.eus
Tue Apr 5 15:55:51 CEST 2022

*Natural Language Processing acceleration: foundations and applications** **Two complementary courses on Deep Learning and NLP*

July 2022, San Sebastian, Europe



You can take either one or both courses:

Deep Learning for NLP <https://ixa.eus/dl4nlp> (July 4th to 8th, 20 hours, 5 afternoons. 10th edition): This course introduces in detail the machinery that makes Deep Learning work for NLP, including the latest transformers and pre-trained (multilingual) language models like GPT, BERT and T5. The course combines theoretical and practical hands-on classes. Attendants will be able to understand and implement the models in Tensorflow Keras. The aim is to allow attendees to acquire the ability to understand, modify and apply current and future Deep Learning NLP models.

Introduction to LT Applications <https://ixa.eus/iltapp> (July 11th to 15th, 20 hours, 5 afternoons. 3rd edition): This course introduces the main techniques to build applications, and apply them to core Language Technology applications such us Opinion Mining, Named Entity Recognition, Fake News Detection or Question Answering. The course will have a practical focus, learning to use readily available LT toolkits (Spacy, Flair, etc.). The aim is to allow attendees to acquire the required autonomy to apply LT technologies to target applications.

*Registration* has to be done for each course, see respective websites. Note that you only need to pay the insurance for one of the courses.

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