[Corpora-List] Profiling Irony and Stereotype Spreaders on Twitter: training dataset released

Paolo Rosso prosso at dsic.upv.es
Fri Apr 1 12:54:13 CEST 2022


Dear colleagues,

The training dataset of the author profiling shared task we organise this year at the PAN Lab on Profiling Irony and Stereotype Spreaders on Twitter can be requested via Zenodo: https://zenodo.org/record/6397037#.YkbSnShBzIU

The shared task of this year will focus on profiling ironic authors in Twitter (in English). Special emphasis will be given to those authors that employ irony to spread stereotypes, for instance, towards women, the LGTB community or immigrants. Given a Twitter feed in English, the goal will be to determine whether or not its author has employed irony (maybe conveyed via the usage of stereotypes).

Software submission deadline: May 24

More information on the IROSTEREO shared task: https://pan.webis.de/clef22/pan22-web/author-profiling.html

The IROSTEREO task organisers Reynier Ortega-Bueno, BERTa Chulví, Francisco Rangel, Paolo Rosso, Elisabetta Fersini

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