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*Corpora & Discourse International Conference (6th edition)*

*26-28 August 2022, Bertinoro, Italy*

*Conference website: *https://eventi.unibo.it/corpora-and-discourse-2022 * (Twitter: @ConfDisc <https://twitter.com/ConfDisc> #cads2022)*

*Deadline for submission: April 2nd 2022*

*Notification of acceptance: May 27th 2022*

*Corpus & Discourse Conference 2022 *is the* 6th edition* and celebrates the *20th anniversary* since the first conference. CADSConf2022 will be held in the Medieval hill town and fort of Bertinoro <https://www.ceub.it/?lang=en> in Emilia-Romagna, Italy from Friday morning 26 Aug – 28 Aug 2022. The conference is organised by members of the Corpora, Linguistics, Technology (CoLiTec) research centre at Bologna Unviersity's Department of Interpreting and Translation Studies (DIT), and by the SiBol group.

*Corpora and Discourse International Conference* showcases research which combine corpus linguistics and discourse analysis in all forms and under all names. This might include work that self-describes as: corpus-assisted discourse studies, corpus-based (critical) discourse studies, corpus-based sociolinguistics, corpus-driven discourse studies, corpus pragmatics, corpus stylistics, corpus-informed discourse studies or corpus & discourse work that does not go under any particular label. Our aim is simply to bring together all researchers who are interested in how discourse/s are structured, patterned or received and who use corpus linguistics in their work.

*Confirmed keynote speakers:*

Monika Bednarek (University of Sydney)

Alison Duguid (University of Siena)

Eric Friginal (Georgia State University)

Charlotte Taylor (University of Sussex)

*Conference themes*

We encourage different kinds of paper. Please specify in your abstract which you are proposing. Please send your abstract in Word format without personal identification and with covering letter to our e-mail: *cadsconf2022 at unibo.it <cadsconf2022 at unibo.it>*. Call for papers closes on *April 2nd 2022*. Notification of acceptance by May 27th.

*Research papers*

We invite papers which include corpus approaches to:

§ discourse organisation, including cohesion and coherence, lexical priming

§ scientific, technological and medical discourse

§ discourses of political institutions, political and media interaction

§ new media, social media, hybrid text types

§ academic and educational discourses

§ studies of historical documents

§ discourse analyses of socially important issues

§ language ideology and /or policy

§ discourse/s and identity

§ translation studies

§ stylistics and literary studies

§ discourse/s in language acquisition and language teaching

§ discourse/s in languages for specialised purposes

§ investigations of non-literal language in discourse (e.g. metaphor, metonymy, irony)

§ comparative studies of different discourse/s and discourse types

§ comparative studies of discourse/s and/or language change over different periods of time

§ investigations of cultural and cross-cultural topics

*Position papers*

We also welcome papers which include reflective considerations on theoretical-methodological issues. These might include discussion of questions such as:

§ How is the combination of corpus methodologies and discourse analysis developing?

§ What are the potential future directions of corpus and discourse analysis?

§ What counts as best practice and are there any practices best avoided?

§ How can we increase our awareness and reflexivity as researchers in this field?

§ What forms can triangulation in corpus and discourse take?

§ Searching for similarities; searching for absences from a corpus.

§ What new software may be of particular relevance to the area?

§ What challenges do particular forms of corpus and discourse face? (e.g. analysis of social media, hybrid media, responsive analysis of fast-moving topics, analysis of historical discourse/s etc.)

§ What can a corpus and discourse approach do with big data that was not collected/designed for corpus work?

§ ‘Pure’ research, applied research, and committed (or ‘caring’) research into discourse using corpora. How are they defined? What are their relative merits? Are they always compatible?

*Research posters*

For work-in-progress, projects in the early stages of development or descriptions of new corpora, we encourage poster presentations.

*Organising Committee*

Alan Partington, Anna Marchi, Adriano Ferraresi, Cinzia Bevitori, Silvia Bernardini

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