[Corpora-List] [CfP] Second Call for Papers: Applied Sciences (IF: 2.679) Special Issue on Recent Developments in Creative Language Processing

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Thu Nov 11 11:21:40 CET 2021

Dear colleagues

Apologies for cross-posting

This is Michal Ptaszynski from Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan.

We are accepting papers for the Applied Sciences journal (Impact Factor: 2.679) special issue on "Recent Developments in Creative Language Processing". The deadline for manuscript submission is December 20, 2021, but your paper will be sent for review as soon as it is submitted, and will be published as soon as it is accepted.

We were also able to assure several additional discount vouchers for processing fees for the prospective authors. Specifically, we have 2x100% and 4x50% discounts. We will give them away in a first-come-first-serve manner (obviously the discount will apply if the paper is accepted).

If you were interested in submitting the paper and also obtain the processing fee discount, please, let me know directly.

We hope you will consider submitting your paper. https://www.mdpi.com/journal/applsci/special_issues/Developments_Creative_Language_Processing

Best regards,

Michal PTASZYNSKI, Ph.D., Associate Professor Department of Computer Science Kitami Institute of Technology, 165 Koen-cho, Kitami, 090-8507, Japan TEL/FAX: +81-157-26-9327 michal at mail.kitami-it.ac.jp

============================================ Applied Sciences (Impact Factor: 2.679)

Special Issue on "Recent Developments in Creative Language Processing"

Aims and scope

The SI focuses on topics deepening the knowledge on the creative use of language. Instead of taking up basic topics from the fields of CL and NLP, such as improvement of part-of-speech tagging, we will promote research focused on such creative topics as humor processing, deceptive language processing, figurative language processing, and others for which the generally perceived state-of-the-art has not been established yet.

Target audience

The SI is addressed at the audience comprised of scientists, researchers, scholars, students and practitioners performing research in the analysis or generation of language, with a specific weight put on studies focused on the creative use of language, and the creative methods for the processing of language. The Special Issue will not accept research on basic topics for which the field has been well established, such as improvement of part-of-speech tagging, etc., unless they directly contribute to the idea of creative processing of language phenomena.

List of Topics

The Special Issue will invite papers on topics listed, but not limited to the following:

- natural language processing - computational linguistics - creative language processing - figurative language processing - NLP applications - natural language generation - emotional language processing - humor and joke processing - deceptive language detection - emoticon processing - automatic cyberbullying detection - fake news detection - abusive language processing - story generation - poetry generation

Submission Guidelines

See the webpage for details: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/applsci/special_issues/Developments_Creative_Language_Processing#info


Deadline for submitting manuscripts: December 20, 2021

Special Issue Editors:

Michal Ptaszynski (Kitami Institute of Technology, michal at mail.kitami-it.ac.jp) Rafal Rzepka (Hokkaido University, rzepka at ist.hokudai.ac.jp) Pawel Dybala (Jagiellonian University, pawel.dybala at uj.edu.pl)

For further information, please feel free to contact Michal Ptaszynski directly.

Michal Ptaszynski michal.ptaszynski at gmail.com

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