[Corpora-List] ACL2022: Important Paper Submission Notes (deadline: November 15)

Joel Tetreault tetreaul at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 13:53:11 CET 2021

Hello all, apologies for the cross-posting as I exercise my duties as one of the ACL2022 Publicity Chairs:

If you are considering submitting to ACL2022 <https://www.2022.aclweb.org/callpapers>, there are four important notes to keep in mind as the November 15 paper deadline quickly approaches:

1. Please make sure ALL paper co-authors have OpenReview profiles. More details in the FAQ <https://www.2022.aclweb.org/post/acl-2022-chair-blog-post-faq> about paper submissions.

2. Definitely sure to check out the new ACL 2022 PC Chairs blog post <https://www.2022.aclweb.org/post/acl-2022-chair-blog-post-rolling-review-november> about the preparations for the November 15, 2021 submission deadline in the ACL Rolling Review.

3. All reviewers and Action Editors for the ACL Rolling Review (and thus for ACL 2022), need to have a properly filled OpenReview profile to be able to serve (see FAQ 8 <https://www.2022.aclweb.org/post/acl-2022-chair-blog-post-faq> for Reviewers/AEs).

4. If you can review for the November batch of papers but are concerned you may not be available year-round, we have you covered. Check out FAQ 9 <https://www.2022.aclweb.org/post/acl-2022-chair-blog-post-faq>.

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