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The deadline for submission has been extended to April 30th for abstract submission and May 10th for full paper submission.

Recent advances in Natural Language Processing, along with easier access to very powerful Language Models and libraries to manipulate them have led to a notable expansion of the NLP application field. From this evolution arise new research issues. If it is not straightforward to find new tasks, per se, traditional tasks such as classification, extraction, summarization or translation are pushed towards handling more complex phenomena, from heterogeneous textual data, possibly in combination with new modalities.

New applicative domains have emerged these past few years, paving the way for NLP use on very diverse data. A community has for example structured itself around NLP for Finance and Economy. E-commerce, security, the legal sector, public administrations (workshops FNP-FNS 2020, ECNLP 3, LT4GOV, etc.) and more recently music (NLP4Musa) are also subject to dedicated work. Other domains that have already been covered for several years, such as journalism, social media, digital humanities or the bio-medical domain, are facing an expansion of their field of research. They are now addressed from new perspectives, revealing a sign of an outstanding dynamism of activities in these domains. For instance, beyond the generalist workshop "NLP meets journalism" created in 2015, there are now workshops dedicated to exploiting Knowledge Graphs for journalism or to socio-politic events extraction. Social media analysis or more generally "noisy user-generated texts" analysis is addressed from various angles such as censorship, propaganda and disinformation, threats in online conversations, opinion modeling, fact checking or harassment (workshops WNUT, NLP4IF, PEOPLE 2020, FEVER, etc.). As for the bio-medical domain, the number of dedicated workshops has risen around ten for the year 2020.

The above-mentioned list of applicative domains is not exhaustive. These new domains, beyond the scientific issues related to the specificity of data, also raise numerous ethical questions regarding the use of underlying technologies, the exploitation of automatic processing results, and the new practices that can emerge in the corresponding professional areas. At last, the fact that NLP applications are now largely in contact with the general public raises issues linked to production constraints such as efficiency, cost, robustness, and resilience to adversarial attacks. We are interested in this special issue of TAL in all these scientific, technological and ethical questions, yielded by the expansion of NLP within a variety of application domains.

For this thematic issue, the TAL journal largely calls for contributions related to these "new" application domains, as described above, or to "new" paradigms in already covered domains, in particular, but not limited to:

- scientific issues related to the specificities of data,

- implemented solutions to address new application domains,

- new paradigms in less recent domains,

- methodological issues,

- ethical and social implications of research in these new domains.


- Abstract submission deadline: April 30 2021 - Submission deadline: April 15 2021 May 10 2021 - Notification to the authors after the first review: June 28 2021 July 21 2021 - Notification to the authors after the second review: October 29 2021 - Publication: December 2021


Manuscripts may be submitted in English or French. French-speaking authors are requested to submit their contributions in French.


Traitement Automatique des Langues is an international journal published since 1960 by ATALA (Association pour le traitement automatique des langues) the French association for NLP with the support of CNRS. It is now published online, with an immediate open access to published papers, and annual print on demand. This does not change its editorial and reviewing process.


Papers must be between 20 and 25 pages, references and appendices included (no length exemptions are possible). Authors who intend to submit a paper are encouraged to click the menu item "Paper submission" (PDF format). To do so, they will need to have an account, or create it, on the sciencesconf platform (go to http://www.sciencesconf.org and click on "create account" next to the "Connect" button at the top of the page). To submit, come back to the page https://tal-62-2.sciencesconf.org/, connect to the account and upload the submission.

>From now on, TAL will perform double-blind review: it is thus necessary to anonymize the manuscript and the name of the pdf file. Style sheets are available for download on the Web site of the journal (http://www.atala.org/English-style-files).

SPECIAL ISSUE EDITORIAL BOARD Each paper submitted to a thematic issue is reviewed by two external reviewers and a member of the TAL journal's editorial board. The list of members of the journal's editorial board is available at http://www.atala.org/content/comit%C3%A9-de-r%C3%A9daction-0 The external scientific committee is listed below.

Guest editors:

ˇ Géraldine Damnati, Orange labs

ˇ Diana Inkpen, University of Ottawa


ˇ Muhammad Abdul-Mageed (University of British Columbia)

ˇ Lina Rojas Barahona (Orange Labs)

ˇ Frédéric Béchet (Aix-Marseille Université)

ˇ Caroline Brun (Navelabs Europe)

ˇ Nathalie Camelin (Université du Mans)

ˇ Elena Epure (Deezer)

ˇ Olivier Ferret (CEA)

ˇ Mathias Gallé (Naverlabs Europe)

ˇ Natalia Grabar (Université de Lille)

ˇ Gaël Guibon (Telecom - Paris - SNCF)

ˇ Catherine Kobus (Airbus)

ˇ Claudia Peersman (Universty of Bristol)

ˇ Giuseppe Ricardi (Universitŕ di Trento)

ˇ Mathieu Roche (CIRAD)

ˇ Antonio Moreno Sandoval (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

ˇ Xavier Tannier (Sorbonne Université)

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