[Corpora-List] Linguistic Media Bias

Timo Spinde Timo.Spinde at uni-konstanz.de
Tue Apr 6 19:04:10 CEST 2021

Dear all,

a computer scientific-question: For linguistic bias in documents, many classes can be relevant (an excerpt shown in the image below). Do you have any more recommendations of linguistic classes that you would like to see evaluated in regards to the relation to bias/biased language? Also, do you maye know any more recent class descriptions/corpora/lists/projects than the ones mentioned here? We are basically looking for corpora/lexica of classes and the rules/structures that usually characterize certain classes. This could also apply for rhetoric figure, but I am also not aware of many large scale lexica and classifications in these regards.

Thank you a lot for any hint or recommendations!

Very best from snowy Germany,


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Timo Spinde

Data & Knowledge Engineering Group

University of Konstanz Dept. of Computer and Information Science Building Z, Room 725 Box 76, 78457 Konstanz, Germany


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