[Corpora-List] Create an ontology based on manual text annotations

Mon Mar 30 12:03:24 CEST 2020

Hi Louis,

We've been using Knowtator for a long time now for the semantic annotation of the biomedical CRAFT Corpus. I think Knowtator v1 (http://knowtator.sourceforge.net/) does what you want, including assigning slots (properties) to classes and restricting the allowed slot fillers by class; however, though it's still available, it hasn't been supported for a long time and is implemented for the very old Protege-Frames ontology development system. Knowtator v2 (https://github.com/UCDenver-ccp/Knowtator-2.0) is implemented as a tab plugin to the current Protege 5; however, as it's OWL-based, there's not a way to correspondingly assign properties to classes or restrict property values by class, since OWL is based on open-world semantics.

Cheers, Mike

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Dear all,

I am looking for a tool for creating ontologies based on a manual annotation of texts. We want to easily annotate entities and relations between them. Example:

* “Big Mac” is manually annotated as a PRODUCT

* “McDonald’s” is manually annotated as a COMPANY

* “Big Mac” and “McDonald’s” are linked by a relation which is manually annotated as IS_A_PROVIDER_OF.

It implies the following functionalities:

1. Definition of an ontology schema (PRODUCT, COMPANY, IS_A_PROVIDER_OF)

2. Entities with defined attributes

3. Relationships between predefined entity types (The relation IS_A_PROVIDER_OF should only be possible between the entity types COMPANY and PRODUCT.). The annotation of the relations should be user-friendly, also across the whole document.

4. A plain text annotation tool

5. A way to export the ontology that has been created

I am wondering if such a tool exists and is available

Many thanks for your help

Best regards


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