[Corpora-List] Speech recognition for French language

Chaeyoung LEE shinycy926 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 15:54:34 CET 2020

Dear colleagues,

I hope everything is well with you in spite of this pandemic story.

Planning to carry out a PhD study on the subject of "Phraseology of Oral Scientific Discourse in French", I'm trying to make a graphic transcription (standard orthography) with the transcribing software Elan. By the way, i'm wondering at the same time whether there is a software or an online service of speech recognition for French language by any chance, because it takes so much time for me as a foreigner to transcribe...

So I'd like to ask you if anyone can give me some advice about this subject or share with me your personal experience. I've already tried Amazon Scriber, but the result was so disappointing. (Maybe because of lack of French data ? or too much noises in the audio file, or speakers' poor articulation ?) The discourse type i'm trying to transcript is short presentation (monologue) in conference or workshop.

I will greatly appreciate your assistance with my research and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care of yourself and best regards,

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