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ACM Transactions on Information Systems

*Special Issue on Conversational Search and Recommendation* Guest Editors: Claudia Hauff <c.hauff at tudelft.nl>, TU Delft, The Netherlands Julia Kiseleva <julia.kiseleva at microsoft.com>, Microsoft, USA Mark Sanderson <mark.sanderson at rmit.edu.au>, RMIT, Australia Hamed Zamani <hazamani at microsoft.com>, Microsoft, USA Yongfeng Zhang <yongfeng.zhang at rutgers.edu>, Rutgers University, USA


The rapid growth in speech and small screen interfaces, particularly on mobile devices, has significantly influenced the way users interact with intelligent systems to satisfy their information needs. The growing interest in personal digital assistants demonstrates the willingness of users to engage in conversational interactions. This special section focuses on user interactions that have information seeking goals. This includes Conversational Search and Recommendation (CSR). Given the importance of the topic to both academia and industry, this special section focuses on the challenges in emerging areas as well as novel design methodologies to mitigate them.

*Topics* include but are not limited to:

- Applications of conversational search and recommendation systems

- Clarification and preference elicitation in CSR

- Conversation history understanding and query modeling

- Conversational and question-based recommender systems

- Conversational question answering

- Conversational retrieval models

- Conversational systems with different interfaces, e.g., speech-only

and small-screen interfaces

- CSR evaluation

- Mixed-initiative interactions in CSR

- Multi-modal interactions in CSR

- Result summarization, explanation, and presentation in CSR

- Trust of CSR results

- User intent and dialog state tracking in CSR

- User models and user behavior studies in the context of CSR

*Submission Guidelines*

Submit your paper(s) to mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tois <https://orange.hosting.lsoft.com/trk/click?ref=znwrbbrs9_6-24234x320c42x0889&> using the "Special Section on Conversational Search and Recommendation" option as the submission type. The author guidelines can be found at dl.acm.org/journal/tois/author-guidelines <https://orange.hosting.lsoft.com/trk/click?ref=znwrbbrs9_6-24234x320c43x0889&> .

*Important Dates*

*Submission Deadline:* May 20, 2020 *Author Notification:* July 10, 2020 *Publication Date (tentative):* late 2020/early 2021

For questions or further information, please contact Hamed Zamani hazamani at microsoft.com.

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