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Tech Monk tekmonk2005 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 7 16:04:56 CET 2020

According to AlfredNorth Whitehead, “The safest general characterization of theEuropean philosophical tradition is that it consists of aseries of footnotes to Plato” (Process and Reality, p. 39,Free Press, 1979). I don’t totallyagree with that statement, but I can clearly see what is meant andthat there is way more to the truth of that statement.

Using as an examplephilosophy, I would consider to be "primary sources" ofphilosophical thought;

Plato, Aristotle,Descartes and Hegel

My point is not aphilosophical but a corpora research one. Given a bunch a texts,based on, both, content and publication date, it should not be sohard to find out which ones are the "primary" ones and themain ideas et their interconnections.

Has that kind ofcorpora research been done?


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