[Corpora-List] eHealth-KD 2020: KD Systems can FROM NOW be played at Codalab!

Yoan Gutiérrez ygutierrez at dlsi.ua.es
Mon Mar 9 18:13:53 CET 2020

Please consider contributing and/or forwarding to appropriate

colleagues and groups.

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First Call for Participation ---COMPETITION ENVIROMENT READY--- 

(/only four weeks to the challenge/)


*eHealth-KD 2020: eHealth Knowledge Discovery*

*Webpage*: https://knowledge-learning.github.io/ehealthkd-2020/



*Datasets and


/Held as part of the evaluation forum IberLEF in the XXXVI edition

of the International Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural

Language Processing (SEPLN 2020). September 22-25, 2020. Málaga, Spain./

*/Novelties/*/: This edition will involve an additional scenario in

which an alternative domain (not health related) will be evaluated,

to experience with *transfer learning techniques*./

eHealth-KD 2020 challenge, as part of the IberLEF 2020 Workshop,

proposes in its third edition modelling the human language in a

scenario in which electronic health documents could be machine

readable from a semantic point of view. With this task, it is

expected to encourage the development of software technologies to

automatically extract a large variety of knowledge from electronic

Health documents written in the *Spanish Language*.

 This involves two subtasks:

1. Entity recognition


2. Relation extraction


The challenge will be managed and played by means of the Codalab

Competitions platform. In addition, the Organization Committee of

eHealth-KD encourages participants to submit a description paper of

their systems. Submitted papers will be reviewed by a scientific

committee, and only accepted papers will be *published at CEUR*. The

proceedings of eHealth-KD will be jointly published with the

proceedings of all the tasks of IberLEF 2020. The submitted *papers*

will be *peer-reviewed* by a Program Committee which is composed by

all the participants in the task eHealth-KD and the Organization


We encourage the entire research community and especially those

groups working in *knowledge discovery* and *transfer

learning* technologies to participate in this task. If you are

interested in participating, please browse the following link





1. *Join the Google Group* for the task:


2. *Download the datasets*, examples, scoring scripts and baselines

(if needed) from:

https://github.com/knowledge-learning/ehealthkd-2020/tree/master/data and

fill the following form: https://forms.gle/pUJutSDq2FYLwNWQA

3. *TRAIN your system (ACTIVE)*: Train your models and evaluate your

approach by using the evaluation scripts provided at:


4. *Register at ***(***ACTIVE***)*:


5.*TEST your system*: Submit your results on the test sets at:


6. *Submit your working notes*. More details in


7. *Come to  Málaga//*/September 22, 2020 /to attend the discussion

of the results of IberLEF evaluation campaigns at a workshop

collocated with SEPLN 2020.






03 Feb 2020

Training and development data ready


30 Mar 2020

Alternative scenario development data ready

06 Apr 2020

*Evaluation start*

Test data released

19 Apr 2020

*Evaluation end*

(due by 23:59 UTC)

19 Apr 2020

*Registration deadline*

(due by 23:59 UTC)

24 Apr 2020

Results posted

08 May 2020

System description paper submissions

(due by 23:59 UTC)

22 May 2020

Paper reviews

29 May 2020

Author notifications

12 Jun 2020

Camera ready submissions

Sep 2020

IberLEF Workshop



/Lets do it!/

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