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ECAI 2020 Workshop "Computational Argumentation & Cognition" (COGNITAR 2020)

WHEN: 9th June 2020 WHERE: the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Santiago de Compostela, in Spain (http://ecai2020.eu/) SUBMISSION: by March 23th 2020 via COGNITAR 2020 Easychair (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=cognitar2020) WEBSITE: http://cognition.ouc.ac.cy/cognitar/

==== COGNITAR: Computational Argumentation & Cognition ====

Human-centric AI requires systems that are built based on a holistic understanding of the human mind and its various faculties. In particular, we need to understand in a computational way human cognition at its many different levels. Cognition in AI systems will be important at several aspects of their design:

- Comprehending the data or information from their environment - Deciding on what actions to take or recommend to users. - Learning new knowledge pertaining to their problem domain. - Social interaction with human users and artificial agents. - Ensuring an ethical operation and general behavior.

Understanding and automating the higher-level cognition involved in carrying out the above general tasks of human behavior, requires a logical formalism that is close to human reasoning as carried out in their everyday tasks. The formalism would need a high degree of flexibility to allow dynamic changes and revision to conclusions drawn. Such a framework is that of (dialectic) argumentation as advocated by Philosophy and Cognitive Psychology for many years and newly supported by recent studies. The main premise is that argumentation is native to human reasoning and that it can provide a foundational basis for (higher-level) cognition and thus in turn for human-centric AI.

This workshop will aim to bring together researchers whose interests bridge between AI and other disciplines such as Cognitive Science, Language and Philosophy, to study how computational argumentation can form an underlying theoretical and practical basis for modeling cognition and building human-centric AI systems.

The main general questions that will concern the workshop are: - Can argumentation provide the basis for computational models of human reasoning that are cognitively adequate? - How can we form a synthesis between computational argumentation and theories of cognition that will give us models of computational cognition for the development of AI systems?

We welcome position papers as well as ongoing and preliminary work on topics that bridge Cognition and Argumentation. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: - Argumentation and language comprehension - Cognitive modeling of human reasoning - Computational argumentation in cognitive models - Social and collective argumentation - Argumentative structure of debates - Debate support via argumentation - Explainable AI and argumentation - Justification and debate of decisions via argumentation - Argumentation based persuasion - Ethical dilemmas and norms in AI systems and argumentation - Argumentation for perspicuous computing - Compliance of AI systems and argumentation - Human decision making and argumentation - Decision support systems via computational argumentation - Acquiring cognitive knowledge - Argumentation and inductive reasoning - Psychologically-guided design of the acquisition process - Argumentation languages for representing cognitive knowledge - Argumentation based architectures for cognitive systems - Real-life AI applications of argumentation - Psychological studies investigating argumentation-based reasoning

======== SUBMISSION ========

We invite proposals for contributed talks. Please submit papers, short or long, prepared for blind review.

Papers should be written using the ECAI2020 style (http://ecai2020.eu/wp-content/uploads/AuthorsPack-ECAI2020.zip). Position papers are expected to be short (2-4 pages). Long submissions should not exceed 7 pages plus one for references.

Please submit via EasyChair: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=cognitar2020

======== IMPORTANT DATES ========

March 23th 2020: Deadline extended abstract/paper submission via COGNITAR 2020 Easychair (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=cognitar2020) April 22th 2020: Notification of acceptance / rejection June 1st 2020: Final article submission for online proceedings (via Easychair) June 9th 2020: COGNITAR 2020 Workshop

======== ORGANIZERS ========

Emma Dietz, TU Dresden, emmanuelle.dietz at tu-dresden.de Antonis Kakas, Univeristy of Cyprus, antonis at ucy.ac.cy Loizos Michael, Open University of Cyprus, loizos at ouc.ac.cy

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