[Corpora-List] CFP: 2020 Duolingo Shared Task on Translation + Paraphrase

Burr Settles burrsettles at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 18:14:19 CET 2020

1st call for participation in STAPLE: Simultaneous Translation And Paraphrase for Language Education

Duolingo AI Research <https://research.duolingo.com/> is excited to announce a new shared task on translation and paraphrasing to be held as part of the Workshop on Neural Generation and Translation (WNGT) <https://sites.google.com/view/wngt20/>, collocated with ACL 2020 <https://acl2020.org/> in Seattle.

Visit the shared task website here: sharedtask.duolingo.com

Sign up on the mailing list here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/duolingo-sharedtask-2020


Machine translation systems typically produce a single output, but in certain cases, it is desirable to have many possible translations of a given input text. This situation is common with Duolingo <https://www.duolingo.com/> (the world's largest language-learning platform), where some learning happens via translation-based exercises, and grading is done by comparing learners' responses against a large set of human-curated acceptable translations.


In this shared task, participants start with English prompts and generate high-coverage sets of plausible translations in five other languages. For evaluation, we provide sentences with handcrafted, field-tested sets of possible translations, weighted and ranked according to actual learner response frequency. We will also provide high-quality automatic translations of each input sentence that may (optionally) be used as a reference/anchor point, and also serves as a strong baseline. In this way, we expect the task to be of interest to diverse researchers in machine translation, MT evaluation, multilingual paraphrase, and language education technology fields.


13-Jan-2020: Data release (phase 1): TRAIN set + starter code

02-Mar-2020: Data release (phase 2): blind DEV set

30-Mar-2020: Data release (phase 3): blind TEST set

06-Apr-2020: Final predictions deadline

08-Apr-2020: Final results announcement

13-Apr-2020: Draft system papers due

04-May-2020: System paper reviews returned

18-May-2020: Camera-ready system papers due

~9-Jul-2020: Workshop at ACL in Seattle!


Klinton Bicknell (Duolingo)

Chris Brust (Duolingo)

Stephen Mayhew (Duolingo)

Bill McDowell (Duolingo)

Will Monroe (Duolingo)

Burr Settles (Duolingo)

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