[Corpora-List] Basic vocabulary for Arabic

Karim BOUZOUBAA bouzoubaa at emi.ac.ma
Tue Feb 25 22:32:26 CET 2020

I don't understand what you exactly mean by basic vocabulary used for defining words but if you mean roots from which Arabic words can be generated, here are two dictionaries. In our team we have two Arabic dictionaries available in LMF format

- Contemporary Arabic dictionary with 32300 lexical entries generated from 5778 roots

- Al wassit" Arabic dictionary with 61101 lexical entries generated from 6900 roots

Both can be freely downloaded from http://arabic.emi.ac.ma/alelm/?q=Resources


You can also take a look at the second release of Arabic wordnet from http://globalwordnet.org/arabic-wordnet




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Dear list members,

‎Does anyone know any study about Basic Vocabulary (2000-3000) used for defining words in Arabic dictionary? ‎⁦‪many thanks Saleh

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