[Corpora-List] Translation Efficiency Shared Task at WNGT 2020

Kenneth Heafield corpora at kheafield.com
Mon Feb 24 00:08:35 CET 2020

The WNGT 2020 Efficiency Shared Task


invites submissions of efficient machine translation systems.

Participants build a WMT19 English-German system (or start from pre-built ones) and optimize for speed, RAM, or model size with the aim of a Pareto optimal quality trade-off. We welcome submissions that optimize for any or all of these efficiency metrics.

There are both GPU and CPU tracks with updated hardware.

See the website for more information: https://sites.google.com/view/wngt20/efficiency-task


* April 22, 2020: shared task submissions

* May 1, 2020: system description submissions

* May 18, 2020: camera-ready system description

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