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Dear Hugh The 'peer review' is very important: one measure of the impact of your scholarship in this digital era is the number of downloads your corpus/corpora has/have. As Mark has rightly suggested, computer science folks are more receptive to this idea. You might enter the downloads as a measure of esteem your colleagues have. The number of hits is a key measure of ranking employed by search engine, and in Google ranking the 'fancy hits'- the number of people looking upto your website is critical for higher ranking. In another domain, mass communications, the downloads may indicate your reputation.

I am not much in favour of the so-called are journal publications, in some branches of engineering and physics, the publication of your research in a 'letter' or rapid communications journals is regarded more highly, and in yet other disciplines a monograph is essential.

Whatever happens please keep up the good work and promote data driven research.

--- Best wishes

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On 2020-12-28 18:59, Mark Davies wrote:
>>> Are their alternative models (and or vocabulary) being used for
> discussing how the compilation of a corpus is part of one's scientific
> output?
> I've created a number of corpora [1] that have been widely used by
> researchers. But I've worked in a College of Humanities where rank and
> status committees are typically dominated by people in literary and
> cultural studies, where the only thing they really understand is the
> all-important journal article. (Even peer-reviewed conference papers
> are usually suspect in their eyes.) And they would never understand,
> for example, data from something like Google Analytics, which provides
> concrete data on the number of people actually using the corpora [2],
> or the number of citations in Google Scholar [3].
> So for each of the corpora that I've created, I've tried to make sure
> that I do have journal articles [4] that explain the creation and use
> of the corpora. Of course if you're in a college that includes
> computer science, for example, they will probably be more open-minded
> to the intrinsic value of creating corpora / large datasets that are
> widely used by other researchers.
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> Greetings,
> Peer-reviewed publication is an important part of academic advancement
> in many job situations. I am not seeing any discussion in the
> literature on how corpora are being "peer-reviewed" (I'm using google
> scholar). Are their alternative models (and or vocabulary) being used
> for discussing how the compilation of a corpus is part of one's
> scientific output? any recent papers on this issue? I see some recent
> literature discussion on data citation, and software citation, but
> these don't address the peer-review aspect, and don't specifically
> address corpora.
> all the best,
> - hugh paterson III
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> [4] https://www.mark-davies.info/vita.pdf
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