[Corpora-List] EACL 2021 2nd Call for System Demonstrations

Djamé Seddah djame.seddah at free.fr
Fri Dec 25 18:56:13 CET 2020

EACL 2021 Call for System Demonstrations

The EACL 2021 (http://2021.eacl.org/) Program Committee invites proposals for the Demonstrations Program. This program is primarily to encourage the early exhibition of research prototypes, but interesting mature systems are also eligible. Note: Commercial sales and marketing activities are not appropriate in the Demonstration program and should be directed to the EACL2021 sponsoring program.

** Important dates **

Submission deadline : January 15, 2021 Notification to authors: February 15, 2021 Camera-ready due: March 10, 2021 EACL conference dates: April 20–22 , 2021

** Area of interest **

We would like to encourage the submission of proposals for demonstrations of software related to any areas of computational linguistics and natural language processing. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Natural language processing systems, including: - Dialog systems and interfaces; - Machine translation systems and translation aids; - Message and narrative understanding systems; - Language-oriented information retrieval and information extraction systems; - Application systems using embedded language technology components; - Reusable components (parsers, generators, taggers, speech recognizers, etc.); - Software tools for facilitating linguistic research; - Software for demonstrating or evaluating computational linguistics research; - Aids for teaching computational linguistics concepts; - Visualization and modelling tools that help understanding and developing statistical NLP systems (e.g. based on neural networks, representation learning, etc.)

** Demo Details **

Developers should outline the design of their system and provide sufficient details to allow the evaluation of its validity, quality, and relevance to computational linguistics.

To ensure accessibility for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers, we encourage authors to caption videos prior to submission. Pointers to web sites running a demo preview will also be helpful. For non web-based demos, it is possible to submit a short (2-5 minutes) screencast video demonstrating the system. This screencast will be used to evaluate the paper, but won’t be published unless requested. We encourage the authors to include visual aids (e.g., screenshots, snapshots, or diagrams) in the paper. Authors will also be able to upload and submit additional material, if needed. If you choose to submit a screencast, please upload the video to some hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and include the link in your paper submission.

** Format For Submission **

Demo Proposals consist of the following parts, which should all be sent using the EACL 2021 sub-conference submission procedure at https://www.softconf.com/eacl2021/demos.

Submission is electronic, using the Softconf START conference management system at https://www.softconf.com/eacl2021/demos. Submissions may consist of up to 6 pages, plus unlimited references. Authors are strongly encouraged to include in their paper (e.g 1st footnote) a link to a video highlighting their system. Submissions must conform to the EACL 2021 official style guidelines (https://2021.eacl.org/calls/papers/) and they must be in PDF format. The submissions have to be original work (unpublished), as the publication in EACL will be archival.

At least one author of each accepted demo paper must register for and attend the conference, and demonstrate the system during the demo sessions.

** Best Demo Award **

As in previous years, EACL 2021’s demo track will feature a Best Demo Award. We hope to encourage researchers to make their code publicly available and in the form of an easy-to-use, runnable system.

** Submissions Procedure **

Proposals should be submitted by January 15, 2021 using the EACL 2021 START web page for Demos: https://www.softconf.com/eacl2021/demos/.

Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of their relevance to computational linguistics, innovation, scientific contribution, presentation, and user friendliness, as well as potential logistical constraints.

** Important dates ** Submission deadline : January 15, 2021 Notification to authors: February 15, 2021 Camera-ready due: March 10, 2021

** Reviewing Policy **

Reviewing will be single-blind, so authors do not need to conceal their identity. The paper should include the authors’ names and affiliations. Self-references are also allowed.

** Other Details **

Further details on the demonstrations sessions will be determined and provided at a later date. Website: https://2021.eacl.org/calls/demos/

** Demonstrations Co-Chairs **

Djamé Seddah (Inria Paris, djame.seddah at inria.fr) Dimitra Gkatzia (Edinburgh Napier University, d.gkatzia at napier.ac.uk)

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