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Request for Proposals — Bid on ACM IUI 2023 (deadline extended) ---------------------------------------------------------------

Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) is the premier conference series sponsored by ACM (SIGCHI and SIGAI) and has been held annually since 1993 as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces.

To involve the greater IUI community in conference organization and better plan for the conference, we request proposals for hosting and organizing IUI two years ahead of time. We regularly rotate the conference locations to engage with IUI research communities around the globe. Below shows the location and time of the three most recently scheduled IUI conferences:

IUI 2020 Cagliari, Italy March 17-20

IUI 2021 College Station, Texas April 13-17

IUI 2022 Helsinki, Finland March 22-26

Why host IUI? There are several benefits of hosting and organizing an IUI conference. First, conference hosts/organizers have an opportunity to publicize their work, build relationships, and interact with the international IUI community. Second, this is a great opportunity for the organizers/hosts to introduce their students and colleagues to the IUI community and help grow the community as a whole. Third, hosts/organizers can use the opportunity to build local IUI communities, connecting representatives from both academia and industries.

Bid Requirements All proposals must be written in English with a readable font not smaller than 12 point and margins not less than one inch on all sides. The proposal should address each aspect outlined below but not exceed 15000 characters (approx. 5-6 pages). Based on the merits of the proposals and factors such as ensuring a diversity of conference locations, the board will choose the top candidates and then a finalist will be chosen and announced at IUI 2021.

Please note that the bid requirements have been modified from previous years. Please read the requirements below carefully before writing up your bid. Hosts/Organizers The conference hosts/organizers should have knowledge of the IUI community, such as having attended and published regularly at IUI, and have experience with conference organization. One of the main IUI goals is to bring together people from diverse backgrounds.

For that reason, the bid proposal must suggest ONLY the conference general chairs. The IUI steering committee will work with the selected bid proposers on building the conference organizing team.

We especially encourage that the key conference organizers consist of people from both industry and academia, representing both AI and HCI since the work presented at IUI is at the intersection of these disciplines. Please include short bios of the proposed conference general chair(s).

Location Since IUI is an international forum, we expect that attendees will travel

from different parts of the world to the conference location. It is important that the proposed location is conveniently located for all attendees to reach by available means of transportation.

Time IUI conferences have been held at various times during late winter through early spring, most typically in March though earlier times will be considered. Your bid should include a proposed time with key dates (e.g., paper submission and notification). The choice of time should also take into account the weather conditions of the proposed location to avoid potential weather-caused travel delays and potential conflicts with other conferences and their submission deadlines.

Virtual Attendance and the Impact of COVID-19 We hope that by the time of the 2023 conference that it will be possible to hold a physical conference similar to those held before 2020. Organizers should still prepare for decreased attendance and to offer virtual participation options for those who may not yet be comfortable traveling long distances.

Conference Venue Please describe the proposed conference venue, including the following aspects:

* Capacity. In recent years, IUI has typically had around 250 attendees, though IUI 2018 had a record high of over 350 participants and IUI 2019 had a similar number. No conference has been held since COVID, however current ACM recommendations are to anticipate a 30-40% decrease in attendance in the near term. IUI has typically taken place over four days, the first of which consists of workshops and tutorials hosted in parallel separate rooms (10-20 people). To encourage interaction among the attendees, during the main conference, it is also desirable to have additional space at the venue to put up IUI posters for the attendees to visit during coffee breaks. * Facilities. The venue should provide basic conference facilities, such as high speed internet access that can support the participants in parallel effectively and LCD projectors. * Location. The venue should be centrally located for attendees to reach quickly by ground transportation and have access to other amenities (e.g., restaurants). * Accessibility. The venue should be accessible to attendees with disabilities. * Reception and poster session dinner. Traditionally, IUI opens with a welcome reception on the night before the 1st day of the conference. The first night of the conference features a dinner reception with the poster and demo session. The location(s) of the receptions are not required to be co-located with the venue, however the location criterion above should still be used to minimize the travel for the attendees. * Social event. Traditionally, IUI has a social event + dinner on the second day of the main conference * Special events. Traditionally, during the conference the “test of time” paper award is given to the most influential IUI paper, which is accompanied by a plenary talk session for its authors. TiiS papers published in the last year are also integrated into the technical program, there is a “town hall meeting” where IUI community issues are discussed, and there is IUI steering committee lunch with current and upcoming conference and program chairs. These events need to be considered while planning the conference

Accommodation Most attendees will need accommodation during the conference period. One of the responsibilities of the conference hosts/organizers is to locate and reserve a bulk of affordable lodging for attendees. Please describe the proposed accommodation options, including the price range of the hotel rooms and the distance to the main venue.

Provisionary Budget Plan The proposal should also include a provisional budget, outlining the cost of major items, including the rental of the conference venue, cost/per person for the reception and banquet, and the estimated conference registration fee. Please consider including meals for participants in the budget, especially if there are limited food options near the conference venue.

Important Dates Jan 29, 2021 (Extended): Bids are due. Please submit your bid to steering-chair at iui.acm.org Feb 26, 2021 (Extended): Notifications are sent to all submissions. For further information, please contact: jeff at jeffreynichols.com

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