[Corpora-List] Full-time position available at CNRS, France

Kahane Sylvain skahane at parisnanterre.fr
Wed Dec 9 10:34:32 CET 2020

The French CNRS is seeking qualified candidates for a full-time appointment as research fellows to begin October 2021. Three open positions are offered in the Language Sciences Sciences (as well as positions in NLP in the Computer Sciences Section).

One additional position on the topic "Speech disorders, Prosody and Multilingualism" particularly interests the CNRS Research Unit Models, Dynamics, Corpus (MoDyCo).

The CNRS competitive recruitment of the candidate will take place in spring 2021. MoDyCo would be able to accommodate this candidate by offering her/him a dynamic research environment to develop an ambitious and innovative research project at the intersection of linguistics and clinical linguistics, on a multidimensional experimental platform.

MoDyCo is a laboratory specializing in the creation and management of linguistic corpora. It is composed of 32 linguists, psycholinguists and engineers and 48 Ph.D. students. The research conducted in the laboratory combines perspectives from disciplines as diverse as linguistics, digital humanities, psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics. We investigate how language systems work and we design linguistic models integrating the linguistic variability of language practices. Our approach consists in testing these models based on multiple sources such as linguistic facts that are attested in oral and written linguistic corpora, multidimensional experimental and clinical data, and mathematical or computer simulations. MoDyCo offers access to human and technological resources in Digital Humanities (https://www.huma-num.fr [1]) and to an experimental platform (https://s2ch.cnrs.fr [2]), including mental chronometry, acoustic-phonetic analyses, oculometry, electroencephalography, and skin conductance.

Qualifications: Regarding the open positions, the candidate must have a Ph.D. in Linguistics and/or NLP ideally with a focus on the syntax/semantics interface. He/she should have advanced experience in computational linguistics and/or corpus linguistics techniques as well as in state-of-the-art distributional semantic modeling. Regarding the additional position on "Speech disorders, Prosody and Multilingualism", the candidate must have a Ph.D. in Linguistics with expertise in Prosody and Phonetics, Second Language Acquisition, and Language disorders. He/she should have appropriate postdoctoral experience in prosodic processing and modelling. Candidates should have a strong publication record, and a research program with a high likelihood of obtaining external funding.

Application Procedure: Applications (preferably in English) must include (1) a cover letter of interest, (2) a curriculum vitae, (3) a research statement, (4) three peer-reviewed research articles, and (5) contact information for three references. Application materials should be submitted to MoDyCo by December 23rd, 2020 for full consideration. Email submission is fine; please send application materials or questions about the position to fisel at parisnanterre.fr and villoing at parisnanterre.fr

For further details, please visit the websites at https://www.modyco.fr/en/ and http://www.dgdr.cnrs.fr/drhchercheurs/concoursch/informer/default-en.htm

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