[Corpora-List] Blackbox NLP 2020 - details regarding shared interpretation mission submissions

Yuval Pinter yuvalpinter at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 17:39:38 CEST 2020

To all BlackboxNLP 2020 Shared Interpretation Mission Participants,

Thank you for participating in the Shared Mission ( https://blackboxnlp.github.io/shared.html). We wish to relay some details regarding the submission of reports and code. We apologize for the short notice and will make an effort to accommodate any reasonable requests sent to the shared mission mailbox at blackboxnlp+shared at googlegroups.com. We welcome all questions to that mailbox as well.

Anonymity: mission materials and reports are not anonymous. Feel free to submit code (see below) with an affiliated repository and to submit your report including all authors and affiliations in the body of the pdf.



The test models will be announced on September 2, 2020, as planned. We

previously set a deadline for API submission in order to count towards

generalizability credit on August 14 but have decided to eliminate it -

any system submitted before test models are announced would be eligible for

this credit. A repository containing commit timestamps, such as on github

or bitbucket, is thus preferred in case any problems occur with the

submission mechanism.


The reports are due September 21. This is the last date we would be

accepting materials (reports or code) from previously-unregistered

participants. The reports should be descriptive of the system and include

output and discussion for both dev and test models. “Cosmetic” changes may

be pushed back for the camera ready deadline on October 10.

Submission method:


Report submission is to be made via the main workshop softconf page (


Select “Shared mission submission” when creating a new submission.


Code, auxiliary materials, and outputs may be submitted via the same

page. We encourage submission of this material as links to repositories

and filedrop services under the dedicated text field, but if that’s not

possible for any reason we also accept additional material submission as a

.zip file.


Participants wishing to submit this material before test models are

announced on September 2 (in order to qualify for the generalizability

credit) may send a link to the mission email address above (we’ll send a

receipt). The linked website should include sufficient documentation for

reproduction by mission organizers and outputs for the dev models.

Thank you,

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