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Nihal Yagmur Aydın nyagmuraydin at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 9 06:03:43 CEST 2020

Dear all,I would like to point out one important aspect regarding fake news research: https://www.butenunbinnen.de/nachrichten/gesellschaft/uni-bremen-angriff-100.html

Following the news above, we see that the former employee of Uni Bremen came to university back to kill his past superior one week ago. Some witnesses say (in other news) that they heard talks about bullying between victim and the person who hit the university personnel. This news is appearing starting from last Friday and they vary, some of them mention about bullying part, some of them do not include it. In addition to that, these news are in German.This brings us the question of what is important about fake news, is bullying the main cause? If it is the main cause, why it is dismissed in some news? Doesn't it contradict with the definitions and ads about uni made by itself? Which information is correct, and which is hidden?-- Are the newspapers free to share the content?***It seems that fake news research also had these challenges. If a researcher only relies on the ads done by university itself , it is biased. If the researcher selects the news which don't contain the important information regarding possible cause of the problem, it is missed. This shows us that fake news research is not that much simple. Moreover, nowadays, many universities act like companies and they only focus on advertising themselves; however, since the ads may be fake,it is not reliable. I think that to increase the efficiency of any algorithm done to detect such kind of fake news, personal comments of past employees should be included. Then, if we see that at least 10 people are disturbed by bullying before and they felt like they are mistreated in this university, one can say that university might be  creating fake ads. ***In order to create an efficient algorithm to detect fake news about universities, what should we do?How many peoples' comments are sufficient to make people realise that there is something wrong at this university? ***I complained a lot about the bad treatment during my work at this university in 2018, but university did not have any kind of anti-harassment and anti-racism policy to be applied. Professors were free to bully you, also PhD students. When I complained about the problems to my past supervisor in linguistic department , he also bullied me with some insulting words. So he did not do anything to stop it and joined the bullying scheme. ***Moreover, I was fired afterwards. Some people from HR department also talked with me and told.me. he is my boss so I shouldn't say anything against him... I was not a linguist but a computer engineer, so this supervisor was already not ok for me. But his bad treatment at work was unbearable. In addition to that, his silence to bad treatment of PhD student to me, and his support to German students(!), by bullying me more and his style of ignoring any comment done by me, showed me that he had some Nazi belief systems. The implementation of this university , such as firing everyone saying something against them is problematic. If you cannot handle any criticism, why do you join academia? If you cannot manage this university, why do you become rector?----- Rector of the university requested to leave from his position this week. So, he resigned after the news I shared above.***Managerial problems exist when sub managers have power and there is not any government control. It is good that government started to control this university. Hiring process is also skeptical, as being any relative or friend of someone can easily make you an academic. This unfair treatment reduced the reputation of this place, and it is observed by many others. However, those people still believe that they are the best , they are perfect and they are the world's best. Looking at the mirror and understanding feedbacks may be an important part to understand yourself.****Suggestions :Please don't bully anyone and don't fake the realities. Please don't advertise before actually implementing your policies. All universities in Europe say they care about anti-discriminating or anti-harassment policies. Where is the implementation?If a university is good enough, it does not need to advertise itself. Its former employees advertise.Personally, I don't care about any ad done by any place itself, as long as people who work there are not happy and unsatisfied, all ads are fake... Regards,Nihal Y. Aydın -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: not available Type: text/html Size: 7706 bytes Desc: not available URL: <https://mailman.uib.no/public/corpora/attachments/20200809/7732e4c6/attachment.txt>

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