[Corpora-List] Fw: Competition Launch: Contradictory, My Dear Watson!

Eric Atwell E.S.Atwell at leeds.ac.uk
Fri Aug 7 09:49:50 CEST 2020

This new Kaggle contest is directly related to Corpus Linguistics: "Given pairs of sentences (a premise and a hypothesis), you will predict whether they are related. For an added challenge, the train and test set include text in fifteen different languages!"

Please take a look at this challenge and consider taking this on, as an interesting exercise. There will be a Kaggle community of researchers working on this, and a discussion forum to share ideas. At minimum, you may learn some new techniques which you can then apply to your own corpus linguistics research. I am also thinking about using this data-set and task as an exercise in online teaching next year.


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________________________________ From: Kaggle <noreply at kaggle.com> Sent: 07 August 2020 00:53 To: eric at comp.leeds.ac.uk <eric at comp.leeds.ac.uk> Subject: Competition Launch: Contradictory, My Dear Watson!

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Hi ericatwell,

How quickly can you distinguish whether two sentences are related? Our brains do this surprisingly well. It’s a more difficult problem for a computer, which is the focus of a new Getting Started Kaggle Competition. We’re even providing a starter notebook<https://www.google.com/appserve/mkt/p/AD-FnEz5-8cCuHG_Mud2ULyrrnnNLg9KV5zyj3AKloFGSRunpb9wP65t1mEkOanyN-lu-M65d1fIVOfSqQTnPqr_V92mVN8NCozosEdPN68UGdSYr-AmRfXfpcVp> to try your hand at this problem using the power of Tensor Processing Units (TPUs).

You will use Natural Language Inferencing (NLI), a popular Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach. Given pairs of sentences (a premise and a hypothesis), you will predict whether they are related. For an added challenge, the train and test set include text in fifteen different languages!

Join the Competition <https://www.google.com/appserve/mkt/p/AD-FnEw8A1yOlXRWjYjtaksVEsbMD47cuK2mjrF42-r5REtH38lQ0EuWl8VRb6Nf8tCwn74GNRPIvCsy7N0RQBX6BTzKi6CBthYXAZL_jeCYr_Uf1ib34VxD2Bw>

This Getting Started competition will be ongoing and live for anyone to participate at any time. But TPU Star Awards<https://www.google.com/appserve/mkt/p/AD-FnEyyMtsaKZ4QHrl0B3SDdT3gNTjU3sGO1kdzEEUkQWB-23GVKK_GzntXEk1byIoTgHuNLzraL4Mw0CGLFiKKriBAQ0QSdKKGYYVP93Y6RptHkLOPWOLSxx0CkBQZTyZzco8qqmPoVOzP> for extra TPU quota are only open for self-nomination until September 30, 2020! This is a great opportunity to flex your NLP muscles and solve an exciting problem!

Thanks and good luck, Phil Culliton Kaggle Data Scientist

Kaggle, Inc 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy Mountain View, CA 94043

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