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Christof Monz C.Monz at uva.nl
Wed Aug 5 16:14:21 CEST 2020

Open PhD position on context modeling for dialog systems at the Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We invite applications for a fully-funded, 4-year PhD position in the area of natural language processing, with a focus on NLP for dialog systems. This PhD position is part of the Hybrid Intelligence Program funded by the Netherlands Science Foundation.

Please find further details (including the application procedure) at:


Application deadline: August 31, 2020 Starting date: early 2021

Research Description

While current deep learning methods have been shown to be very effective in generating fluent utterances, these utterances are often only poorly connected to the context of the conversation. In this project, we will investigate the role of context (agent or environment) on natural dialogue generation. Here, we will explore several research directions such as the detection and representation of knowledge gaps, the generation of contextually appropriate responses, and novel ways to represent and access large contextual information.

The PhD student will be supervised by Dr. Christof Monz and based in the Language Technology Lab (LTL) which focuses on information access from natural language data. LTL’s work ranges from basic research in natural language processing to key applications in human language technology and covers areas such as machine translation, summarization, question answering, language modeling, and dialog systems.

LTL is part of the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam. The Informatics Institute consists of more than 40 members of permanent research faculty, over 25 post-doctoral researchers, and more than 100 PhD students, together representing more than a dozen nationalities.


Applicants must have an MSc (or close to completion) in computer science, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics or a closely related area. In addition, applicants

- have a strong scientific and mathematical background in artificial intelligence and a strong interest to solve natural language problems;

- have a good academic record and eagerness to tackle complex scientific problems;

- are able to implement and evaluate learning algorithms, e.g., using Python deep learning toolkits;

- are able to work well in teams and communicate fluently in written and spoken English.

All applications must be submitted through the web interface of the University of Amsterdam. The link to the submission system can be found in the job advert: https://www.uva.nl/en/content/vacancies/2020/07/20-460-phd-student-on-context-modeling-for-dialog-systems.html?z

For specific questions please get in touch with Christof Monz email: c.monz at uva.nl web: https://staff.fnwi.uva.nl/c.monz/

More information on the Hybrid Intelligence Program can be found here: https://www.hybrid-intelligence-centre.nl/

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