[Corpora-List] [CFP] 1st Call for Participation - SemEval 2021 Task 11: NLPContributionGraph

Jennifer D'Souza jenlindadsouza at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 06:36:30 CEST 2020

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Dear colleagues and friends,

*We are pleased to release the 1st Call for Participation - SemEval 2021 Task 11: NLPContributionGraph*

*URL:* https://ncg-task.github.io/

*Overview:* Since scientific literature is growing at a rapid rate and researchers today are faced with this publications deluge, it is increasingly tedious, if not practically impossible to keep up with the research progress even within one's own narrow discipline. The Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG) <https://doi.org/10.1145/3360901.3364435> is posited as a solution to the problem of keeping track of research progress minus the cognitive overload that reading dozens of full papers impose. It aims to build a comprehensive knowledge graph that publishes the research contributions of scholarly publications per paper, where the contributions are interconnected via the graph even across papers. Within the NLPContributionGraph Shared Task, we have formalized the building of such a scholarly contributions-focused graph over NLP scholarly articles.

SemEval 2021 Task 11: NLPContributionGraph (NCG) provides participants with a dataset of NLP scholarly articles with their “contributions” information structured to be integrable within Knowledge Graph infrastructures such as the ORKG <https://www.orkg.org/orkg/>. The annotation data elements include: (1) contribution sentences - a set of sentences about the contribution in the article; (2) scientific terms and relations - a set of scientific terms and relational cue phrases extracted from the contribution sentences; and (3) triples - semantic statements that pair scientific terms with a relation, modeled toward subject-predicate-object RDF statements for KG building. The task is to automatically extract these elements given a new NLP article.

NCG will be divided into three evaluation phases:

- Evaluation Phase 1: End-to-end evaluation phase;

- Evaluation Phase 2, Part 1: Phrase Extraction Testing;

- Evaluation Phase 2, Part 2: Triples Extraction Testing

*Codalab site:* https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/25680


Trial data available: July 31, 2020 Training data available: October 1, 2020 Test data available/Evaluation starts: January 10, 2021 Evaluation ends: January 31, 2021 Paper submission due: February 23, 2021 Notification to authors: March 29, 2021 Camera ready due: April 5, 2021 SemEval workshop: Summer 2021

*Task Organizers*

Jennifer D’Souza (TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology - Germany) Sören Auer (TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology - Germany) Ted Pedersen (University of Minnesota in Duluth - USA)

*We look forward to having you on board!*

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