[Corpora-List] Visual Question Generation & Answering in the Medical Domain: VQA-Med 2020 (Updates)

Asma Ben Abacha asma.benabacha at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 20:35:26 CEST 2020

Dear all,

Following the new CLEF schedule, we extended the deadlines of the *VQA-Med challenge (for both VQA and VQG tasks)*:

- *5 June 2020: Deadline for submitting runs by the participants*

- 15 June 2020: Release of the processed results by the task organizers

- *15 July 2020: Deadline for submitting the working notes papers by the


- 14 August 2020: Notification of acceptance of the working notes papers

- 28 August 2020: Camera-ready copy of the working notes by participants

and organizers

- 22-25 September 2020: The CLEF conference will be online

*Updates about the data and the submission: *

1. We have released the training, validation, and test sets of the Visual

Question Answering

<https://www.aicrowd.com/challenges/imageclef-2020-vqa-med-vqa> and Visual

Question Generation

<https://www.aicrowd.com/challenges/imageclef-2020-vqa-med-vqg> tasks

2. Participant Registration: https://www.imageclef.org/2020

3. *The VQA

<https://www.aicrowd.com/challenges/imageclef-2020-vqa-med-vqa> & VQG

<https://www.aicrowd.com/challenges/imageclef-2020-vqa-med-vqg> submission

systems are open *

*For more information about VQA-Med 2020: *

- *Website: *https://www.imageclef.org/2020/medical/vqa

- Mailing list: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/imageclef-vqa-med

*==================== Call For Participation====================* VQA-Med 2020 is a challenge on visual question answering and generation in the medical domain, organized in the scope of the ImageCLEF <https://www.imageclef.org/2020> evaluation campaign, CLEF 2020 <https://clef2020.clef-initiative.eu/>.

*Tasks: *

Participants will be tasked with answering medical questions based on the visual content of radiology images (*VQA*). This third edition of VQA-Med includes a new task on visual question generation (*VQG*). In VQA-Med 2019, participating systems performed well in answering modality questions, followed by plane and organ questions. In VQA-Med 2020, we will focus on the more challenging questions about abnormality*. *

*Participant Registration: *

Please refer to the general ImageCLEF 2020 registration instructions: https://www.imageclef.org/2020

*Organizers: *

- Asma Ben Abacha <https://sites.google.com/site/asmabenabacha/>

<asma.benabacha(at)nih.gov>, National Library of Medicine, USA

- Vivek Datla


<vivek.datla(at)philips.com>, Philips Research Cambridge, USA

- Sadid A. Hasan <http://sadidhasan.com/> <sadidhasan(at)gmail.com>, CVS

Health, USA

- Dina Demner-Fushman

<https://lhncbc.nlm.nih.gov/personnel/dina-demner-fushman> <ddemner(at)

mail.nih.gov>, National Library of Medicine, USA

- Henning Müller


<henning.mueller(at)hevs.ch>, University of Applied Sciences Western

Switzerland, Sierre, Switzerland

Best regards, Asma

*============================ *

*Dr. Asma Ben Abacha*

*Staff Scientist, **National Institutes of Health (NIH)*

*U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)*

*Website <https://sites.google.com/site/asmabenabacha/> I LinkedIn <https://www.linkedin.com/in/asmabenabacha/> I Twitter <https://twitter.com/asmabenabacha>*

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