[Corpora-List] Call for Participation: Shared Task on Automatic Misogyny Identification at Evalita 2020

Elisabetta Fersini elisabetta.fersini at unimib.it
Fri Apr 17 11:44:36 CEST 2020

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First Call for Participation ----------------------------------------------

*EVALITA 2020*:

Task: *Automatic Misogyny Identification* (AMI)

Webpage: https://amievalita2020.github.io/

2-3 December 2020, Bologna, Italy


We are launching the second edition of the AMI shared task at Evalita 2020. AMI is aimed at automatically and fairly identifying misogynous content on Twitter in Italian language. Misogyny, as a form of hate against women, is typically presented in different forms such as threats of violence and sexual objectification. While misogyny has been historically analysed from a psychological and sociological point of view, its study from a computational perspective still needs to be explored from a Machine Learning and Computational Linguistics perspective.

The AMI shared task is organized according to two main sub-tasks:

*Subtask A - Misogyny & Aggressive Behaviour Identification: a system must recognize if a text is misogynous or not, and in case of misogyny, if it expresses an aggressive attitude.

*Subtask B - Unbiased Misogyny Identification: a system must discriminate misogynistic contents from the non-misogynistic ones, while guaranteeing the fairness of the model (in terms of unintended bias) on a synthetic dataset.

During the training phase, the task organizers will provide to the participants the manually-annotated *AMI* training corpus (tweets) and a sample of the synthetic dataset for measuring the fairness of the system. The AMI Italian training corpus is an extended version of the previously released corpus at AMI at EVALITA2018. For the evaluation of the teams, the unlabelled test data will be released. After the assessment, the labels for the test sets will be given for both subtasks.

We encourage participation from both academic institutions and industrial organizations. We invite the participants to fill this form https://forms.gle/uFF3sAtMMqayiDiz9. You will receive information about how to join the Google Group about the AMI challenge, where Datasets, Communications, Questions/Answers and Guidelines will be provided.

---------------------------------------------- Important Dates ----------------------------------------------

29 May 2020: Training data available (training period starts)

4 September 2020: Test data available, registration closes

17 September 2020: Systems results due to organizers

27 September 2020: Results notification to participants

15 October 2020: Technical report due to organizers

25 October 2020: Reviews to participants (peer-reviews)

6 November 2020: Camera-ready due to organizers

2-3 December 2020: EVALITA Workshop

---------------------------------------------- Organizers ----------------------------------------------

Elisabetta Fersini, University of Milano-Bicocca

Debora Nozza, Bocconi University

Paolo Rosso, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia

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