[Corpora-List] Call for Participation: ChEMU @ CLEF2020 (Updated timeline)

Karin Verspoor karin.verspoor at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Apr 16 02:23:25 CEST 2020

Call for Participation  ChEMU: Cheminformatics Elsevier Melbourne University Chemical Reaction Patent Information Extraction task @ CLEF 2020  https://chemu-patent-ie.github.io/ 

We are pleased to invite participation in the ChEMU Chemical Patent Information Extraction tasks, is a new evaluation lab at the https://clef2020.clef-initiative.eu/ at CLEF 2020. ChEMU proposes two key information extraction tasks over chemical reactions from patents. • Task 1: Named Entity Recognition involves identifying chemical compounds as well as their types in context, i.e., to assign the label of a chemical compound according to the role which the compound plays within a chemical reaction. • Task 2: Event Extraction over chemical reactions involves event trigger detection and argument recognition relating entities involved in a chemical reaction.

Task description • Task 1: Named Entity Recognition. In general, a chemical reaction is a process leading to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. Task 1 requires identifying the chemical compounds and their specific types, i.e., to assign the label of a chemical compound according to the role which it plays within a chemical reaction. In addition to chemical compounds, this task also requires the identification of the temperatures and reaction times at which the chemical reaction is carried out, as well as yields obtained for the final chemical product and the label of the reaction. • Task 2: Event Extraction. A chemical reaction leading to an end product often consists of a sequence of individual event steps. Task 2 requires to identity these steps which involve chemical entities recognized from Task 1. Specifically, Task 2 requires identification of event trigger words and then determination of the chemical entity arguments of these events.

Publications and workshop As in previous CLEF labs, there will be an evaluation workshop allocated at CLEF 2020 where participating teams can present their systems and results. Moreover, participating teams will be invited to submit their system description papers for publication at the CLEF 2020 Working Notes proceedings. For previous working notes see: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2125/

-------------------------------------- Participation and useful info -------------------------------------- 1. ChEMU website: https://chemu-patent-ie.github.io/ 2. Registration for the ChEMU task at CLEF2020: http://clef2020-labs-registration.dei.unipd.it/registrationForm.php  3. ChEMU submission website: https://chemu.eng.unimelb.edu.au/

------------------------ Main ChEMU Track organizers ------------------------ Melbourne Team: The University of Melbourne and RMIT University • Karin Verspoor • Jiayuan He  • Dat Quoc Nguyen • Zenan Zhai • Hiyori Yoshikawa • Biaoyan Fang • Timothy Baldwin • Lawrence Cavedon (RMIT University) • Trevor Cohn Elsevier • Saber A. Akhondi • Camilo Thorne • Christian Druckenbrodt • Ralph Hoessel ------------------------ Important Dates (UPDATED) ---------------------------------------- Mar 09 Sample set and Annotation Guidelines released Apr 10 Training dataset released Apr 26 Registration closes May 22 Test set of Task 1 release May 29 Test set of Task 2 release July 17 Submission of participant papers [CEUR-WS] Aug 14 Notification of acceptance participant papers [CEUR-WS] Aug 28 Camera-ready participant papers [CEUR-WS]

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