[Corpora-List] Interactive navigation in the CORD-19 corpus

Amine abdaoui a_abdaoui at esi.dz
Mon Apr 13 18:13:36 CEST 2020

We are giving a free and unlimited access to all the functionalities of our platform (Geotrend) to navigate in the CORD-19 <https://www.kaggle.com/allen-institute-for-ai/CORD-19-research-challenge/> corpus: https://app.geotrend.fr/market/eb112619-f867-4d77-8ea7-456646a713bb

One can combine several filters (author, institution, publication date, journal name…) and see the results in several views (relationship graph, geographic map, list of papers … ).

Few examples may be found here: https://www.kaggle.com/allen-institute-for-ai/CORD-19-research-challenge/discussion/143053

We hope that this contribution will facilitate the navigation in the CORD-19 <https://www.kaggle.com/allen-institute-for-ai/CORD-19-research-challenge/> corpus.

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