[Corpora-List] SyntagNet is now out: a large lexical-semantic combination Knowledge Base

Roberto Navigli navigli at di.uniroma1.it
Thu Apr 9 09:28:44 CEST 2020

*SyntagNet*, a resource with *88,000 lexical-semantic combinations*, is now out!

We are proud to announce that *SyntagNet 1.0 *(http://syntagnet.org) is now available for download at http://syntagnet.org/download. Developed at the Sapienza NLP group (http://nlp.uniroma1.it), the multilingual Natural Language Processing group at the Sapienza University of Rome, SyntagNet is a *manually-curated large-scale lexical-semantic combination database *which associates pairs of concepts with pairs of co-occurring words. The goal of SyntagNet is to capture sense distinctions evoked by *syntagmatic relations* (e.g. mouse.n.1 and squeak.v.1 vs mouse.n.2 and click.n.4), hence providing information which *complements the essentially paradigmatic knowledge *shared by currently available Lexical Knowledge Bases such as WordNet. Its main features are:


*Wide coverage*, with *78,000 noun-verb and noun-noun lexical

combinations *extracted from the English Wikipedia

<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page> and the British National Corpus



*High-quality*, *fully manual disambiguation *for all of the lexical

combinations, according to the WordNet <https://wordnet.princeton.edu/>

3.0 sense inventory.


A resulting *Lexical Knowledge Base made up of 88,019 semantic

combinations *linking *20,626 WordNet 3.0 unique synsets *with a

relation edge.


A *user-friendly web interface *for looking up terms and their

lexical-semantic combinations, with complete linkage to BabelNet

<https://babelnet.org> 4.0.

And much more! Please check out our EMNLP 2019 paper:

M. Maru, F. Scozzafava, F. Martelli, R. Navigli. SyntagNet: Challenging Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation with Lexical-Semantic Combinations <https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/D19-1359/>, Proc. of EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019

or http://syntagnet.org for more details!

*SyntagRank*, a *state-of-the-art knowledge-based Word Sense Disambiguation system *which uses SyntagNet to perform disambiguation in *five languages *(English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) is also available from the same website (will be *demoed at ACL 2020*!).

*SyntagNet *is an output of the MOUSSE ERC Consolidator Grant <http://mousse-project.org/> No. 726487 and of the ELEXIS <http://elex.is> project No. 731015 under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Babelscape <http://babelscape.com> proudly developed the online interface and API, and provides the infrastructure for maintaining the service.


The Sapienza NLP group

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