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Arantza Del Pozo adelpozo at vicomtech.org
Mon Sep 2 10:56:58 CEST 2019

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*Deep Learning Researcher for Speech and Language Technologies *

We are looking for a full-time researcher willing to work with us in the development of innovative speech and language solutions based on the latest deep learning technologies and frameworks, capable of satisfying the needs of an industry demanding speech and natural language technologies and interfaces for an increasingly varied set of domains and use cases. The researcher will be developing his/her work at Vicomtech <http://www.vicomtech.org/en> (San Sebastian, SPAIN).

The goal is to research on neural techniques and architectures which enable the adoption of speech and language technologies in challenging application scenarios involving noisy/spontaneous speech and language, the availability of limited in-domain training data, real-time on-premise processing requirements, incremental learning and minority languages. These research lines are supported by ongoing and future Speech and Language projects in the department <http://www.vicomtech.org/en/d6/speech-and-natural-language-technologies>, which also counts with the necessary Deep Learning training and deployment infrastructure. At the practical level, the researcher will participate in tasks related to collaborative and industrial R&D projects, working in a team of experts in speech and natural language technologies.

Prerequisites: − Engineering degree or equivalent, good knowledge in one or more of the following fields: machine learning, maths, computer science − Confident with Deep Learning frameworks (Pytorch, Tensorflow) and Linux and/or Windows development environments in one or more languages (C/C++, Python, Java, Bash, Perl) − Experience with tools and libraries for speech processing and machine translation will be valued (Kaldi, DeepSpeech, Wav2letter, OpenNMT, Marian) − PhD will be preferred, option to start a PhD is also considered − Good written and spoken Spanish and English skills − Passionate about applied research, industrial innovation and technology transfer in the areas of this role

To apply, please submit your CV and a cover letter describing your experience and interest in the position to: Dr. Arantza del Pozo (Department Director) e-mail: adelpozo at vicomtech.org Telephone: +34 943 30 92 30 http://www.vicomtech.org

Deadline for submission: Open until filled

-- <http://www.vicomtech.org/>

Dra. Arantza del Pozo Echezarreta, Ph.D. Department Director | Directora de Departamento

adelpozo at vicomtech.org +[34] 943 30 92 30 Speech and natural language technologies | Tecnologías del habla y del lenguaje natural

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