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[Apologies for multiple postings] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Hate Speech and Offensive Content Identification in Indo-European Languages (HASOC)* Website: https://hasoc2019.github.io/ * *To be organized at FIRE 2019 (fire.irsi.res.in <http://irsi.res.in/>) 12 - 15 December, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------- *Task Description:* --------------------------

HASOC is inspired from two evaluation forums, OffensEval and GermanEval 2018. Our objective behind the HASOC shared task is to leverage the synergies of both forums. HASOC shared task is offered in 3 sub-tasks. Participants in this year’s shared task can choose to participate in one, two or all of the subtasks.

*Sub-task A: Identifying Hate, offensive and profane content* * *Sub-task A focus on Hate speech and Offensive language identification offered for English, German, Hindi. Sub-task A is coarse-grained binary classification in which participating system are required to classify tweets into two class, namely: Hate and Offensive (HOF) and Non- Hate and offensive (NOT).

* (NOT) Non Hate-Offensive - This post does not contain any Hate

speech, profane, offensive content.

* (HOF) Hate and Offensive - This post contains Hate, offensive, and

profane content.

*Sub-task B :- Discrimination between Hate profane and Offensive posts* This sub-task  is a fine-grained classification offered for English, German, Hindi.. Hate-speech and offensive posts from the sub-task A are further classified into three categories.

* (HATE) Hate speech :- Posts under this class contain Hate speech


* (OFFN) Offenive :- Posts under this class contain offensive content.

* (PRFN) Profane :- These posts contain profane words.

*Sub-task C :- categorization of offense types* This sub-task will check the type of offense offered for English,  Hindi. Only posts labeled as HOF in sub-task A are included in sub-task C. The two categories in sub-task C are the following:

* Targeted Insult (TIN): Posts containing an insult/threat to an

individual, group, or others.

* Untargeted (UNT): Posts containing non-targeted profanity and

swearing. Posts with general profanity are not targeted, but they

contain non-acceptable language.

Further details are available on the website: https://hasoc2019.github.io/ Please register by email ----------- *Timeline* ------------

12th June               Task announcement (with trial data) 28th June               Training data release 1st August              Test data release 8th August              Run submission deadline 12th August            Results declared 28th August            System description paper submission 20th September      System description paper review due 27th September      Revised system description paper submission 12-15 December     FIRE takes place in Kolkata, India.

---------------- *Organisers* ---------------- Thomas Mandl :- University of Hildesheim, Germany Sandip Modha :- DA-IICT & LDRP-ITR, Gandhinagar, India Daksh Patel :- LDRP-ITR, Gandhinagar, India Chintak Mandlia :- infoAnalytica Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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