[Corpora-List] SemEval discussion at NAACL 2019

Diana Maynard d.maynard at sheffield.ac.uk
Mon Jun 17 14:52:43 CEST 2019

Hi Ted

In my opinion, 4 pages is really not enough to write a decent system paper (my student submitted one, but had to leave out a lot of the interesting detail and discussion, which is a shame because that's where the real interest lies). Submitting a 4-page paper makes the whole thing barely worthwhile to put the effort in, and also makes it hard for others to understand the system properly and see what made in the end for a winning (or not) system and why. I'd be massively in favour of making this more flexible.


On 17/06/2019 11:57, Ted Pedersen wrote:
>> That said, a carefully done analysis paper can be fairly time
>> consuming to create and may require more pages than the typical 4 page
>> limit. It was suggested that we be more flexible with page limits, so
>> that teams could submit fairly minimal descriptions, or go into more
>> depth on their systems and analysis. A related idea was to allow
>> analysis papers to be submitted to the SemEval year X+1 workshop based
>> on system participation in year X. This might be a good option to
>> provide since SemEval timelines tend to be pretty tight as it stands.

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