[Corpora-List] 3rd Workshop on Neural Generation and Translation (WNGT 2019) - Second Call for Papers

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We are pleased to announce the 3rd Workshop on Neural Generation and Translation.

Workshop web site: https://sites.google.com/view/wngt19 Efficiency shared task: https://sites.google.com/view/wngt19/efficiency-task Document level generation and translation task: https://sites.google.com/view/wngt19/dgt-task


* First call for papers: April 8, 2019 * Second call for papers: Jun 14, 2019 * Submission deadline: August 19, 2019 * Notification of acceptance: September 16, 2019 (+4w after submission) * Camera-ready papers due: September 30, 2019 (+2w after notification)


The workshop is broad in scope and invites original research contributions on all topics where neural networks are involved in the field of machine translation. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

* Neural models for machine translation, generation, summarization, simplification * Analysis of the problems and opportunities of neural models for all of these tasks * Methods for incorporating linguistic insights: syntax, alignment, reordering, etc. * Handling resource-limited domains * Utilizing more data: monolingual, multilingual resources * Multi-task learning * Neural translation and generation models for mobile devices * Visualization of sequence-to-sequence models * Beyond sentence-level processing * Beyond maximum-likelihood estimation


Continuing from last year, we are organizing shared tasks. Specifically, the first shared task will be on “Efficient NMT”, focusing on developing MT systems achieve not only translation accuracy but also memory efficiency or translation speed, which are paramount concerns in practical deployment settings. Last year the task attracted 4 teams and we expect the number to be equal to or greater than this next year. The second task is on “Document Level Generation and Translation” (DGT), where we have prepared datasets for generating textual documents from either structured data, or documents in another language. We plan for this to be both a task that pushes forward document-level generation technology, and also a way to compare and contrast methods for generating from different types of inputs. Each participant in the shared task will be invited to submit a 4 to 6 page system description paper (plus references) through the Softconf system that follows the ACL formatting requirements.

For full details on the shared tasks please refer to their website:

Efficiency shared task: https://sites.google.com/view/wngt19/efficiency-task DGT task: https://sites.google.com/view/wngt19/dgt-task


We are soliciting submissions in three categories of papers: full workshop submissions, extended abstracts, and cross-submissions. All submissions will be made through Softconf.

Full Workshop Paper

Authors should submit a long paper of up to 8 pages, with up to 2 additional pages for references, following the ACL 2019 formatting requirements (see the ACL 2019 Author Guidelines for reference: http://acl2019.org/call-for-papers/#acl-author-guidelines). The reported research should be original work. All papers will be presented as posters, and a few selected papers may also be presented orally at the discretion of the committee. All accepted papers will appear in the workshop proceedings, which will be archived by the ACL Anthology:


Papers in this track should be anonymized.

Note: you are allowed to dual-submit papers to ACL or other conferences. If your paper has been accepted to both another venue and WNGT, you have two options:

* Withdraw the paper from one of the two venues. * Present at the other venue (e.g. ACL), and also present at WNGT in the below-mentioned cross-submission track. Your paper will not appear in the WNGT proceedings.

Extended Abstracts

Preliminary ideas or results may also be submitted as extended abstracts, with a length of 2 to 4 pages plus references. Similarly to full papers, these abstracts will follow the ACL formatting requirements, be submitted through Softconf, and be reviewed by the program committee. Accepted abstracts will be presented as posters, but not be included in the workshop proceedings. Abstracts in this track should be anonymized, and should put "This is a submission to the extended abstract track." at the end of the abstract submitted to Softconf (it does not need to be noted in the paper itself).


We also accept cross-submissions that have already been published or presented in other venues for consideration as poster presentations, which will allow authors who have presented at other venues to discuss with and get feedback from NGT researchers. These submissions will not appear in the proceedings, and there is no restriction on the format of the submissions (in other words, it is OK to submit a paper from a different venue as-is). The papers in this track will be submitted through softconf to the cross-submission track and reviewed by the program committee. Papers in this track do not need to be anonymized, and should put "This is a submission to the cross-submission track, presented at [name of other venue]." at the end of the abstract submitted to softconf (it does not need to be noted in the paper itself).

Best Paper Awards

>From the submitted full workshop papers, between zero and two papers will
be selected for best paper awards at the discretion of the program committee.


* Mohit Bansal, University of North Carolina * He He, New York University * Mirella Lapata, University of Edinburgh


* Yannis Constas, Heriot-Watt University * Hiroaki Hayashi, CMU * Andrew Finch, Apple * Thang Luong, Google * Graham Neubig, CMU * Yusuke Oda, Google * Katsuhito Sudoh, NAIST * Alexandra Birch, Edinburgh

If you want to contact the organizers, you can email wngt2019-organizers at googlegroups.com


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