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Multimodal Technologies and Interaction (ISSN 2414-4088)

Call for papers Special issue on `Semantics of Multimodal Social Interaction' https://www.mdpi.com/journal/mti/special_issues/social_interaction

Deadline for manuscript submissions: _19 April 2019 _Submission at https://susy.mdpi.com/

Guest Editors: Volha Petukhova, Saarland University, v.petukhova at lsv.uni-saarland.de <mailto:v.petukhova at lsv.uni-saarland.de>Harry Bunt, Tilburg University, harry.bunt at uvt.nl <mailto:harry.bunt at uvt.nl> Laurent Prévot, Aix-Marseille Université, laurent.prevot at univ-amu.fr <mailto:laurent.prevot at univ-amu.fr>

The increasing complexity of modern human-computer systems and interfaces results in an increasing demand for intelligent social interaction that is natural to users and that exploits the full potential of spoken and multimodal communication. Today’s users have high expectations and require a real-time engagement with highly relevant personalized content in a way comparable to human natural behaviour, and with the  ability to adapt to a users' cognitive and emotional states. Many real-life interactive situations involve more than the exchange of information, decision making or problem solving; they involve a wide range of aspects related to feelings, emotions, social status, power, interpersonal relations, and the context. A comprehensive account of these aspects in computational models of multimodal interaction may form the foundation for a new generation of interactive social systems.

Over the past decade, a substantial amount of research has been devoted to the understanding of  mechanisms governing multimodal social interaction. This special issue aims at presenting interdisciplinary research at the interface of artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive science, and human-computer interaction, focussing on the semantic and cognitive modelling of human social multimodal behaviour.

We invite contributions that deal with the modelling of human social behaviour and its interpretation. Topics range from multimodal behaviour recognition and social signals processing, analysis and annotation of multimodal interactive patterns, and semantic and pragmatic interpretation of multimodal interactive behaviour, to computational models of social cognition and multimodal dialogue.


 ● Semantics and pragmatics of multimodal dialogue

 ● Interpretation and reasoning in multimodal dialogue systems

 ● Multimodal behaviour in social interaction: recognition, annotation and analysis

 ● Datasets, tools and methodology

 ● Multimodal dialogue modelling and management

 ● Multimodal dialogue and social interactive systems

 ● Cognitive modelling and multimodal interaction

 ● Machine learning for multimodal interaction

 ● Natural language interfaces for human-computer interaction

 ● Multimodal behaviour interpretation and generation

 ● New modalities and `beyond desktop' interfaces

 ● Social multimodal interaction and industrial challenges

Author instructions: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/mti/instructions

NOTE: The Article Processing Charge (APC) is waived for well-prepared manuscripts submitted to this issue

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