[Corpora-List] Funded PhD scholarships in Computational Linguistics / Distributional Semantics / Dialogue and Interaction / Games for NLP at Queen Mary University of London

Matthew Purver m.purver at qmul.ac.uk
Mon Jan 14 10:24:35 CET 2019

Apologies, since a restructuring of our website, the link given below for the PhD application advert no longer works. You can now find all information about studentships and application process here:


On 27/12/2018 12:30, Massimo Poesio wrote:
> Applications are open for fully funded PhD studentships in
> computational linguistics / NLP, dialogue and interaction,
> distributional and compositional distributional semantics, and/or
> games-with-a-purpose applied to NLP for start in October 2019 in the
> Computational Linguistics Lab of the School for Electronic Engineering
> and Computer Science (EECS), Queen Mary University of London
> http://compling.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/
> Available studentships include:
> 1. several studentships funded by EECS, available to PhD students
> interested in any of the research themes pursued by faculty in the
> Cognitive Science Research Group
> http://cogsci.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/
> and Computational Linguistics lab
> http://compling.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/
> Themes of interest include theoretical and computational models of
> discourse, semantics, and dialogue interpretation; distributional
> semantics; applications of computational linguistics and machine
> learning methods to social media processing, deception detection, and
> mental health treatment; verbal and non-verbal communication in
> interaction. Please see the advertisement here:
> http://www.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/phd/research-topics/funded#phd-studentships-in-electronic-engineering-and-computer-science3
> and contact the Compling faculty listed at the Cogsci / Compling pages
> above (Julian Hough, Massimo Poesio, Matt Purver and Mehrnoosh
> Sadrzadeh) for information about projects. Information about the
> application can be found at the page above.
> Deadline for application is 31/1/2019.
> 2. Several studentships funded by the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training
> (CDT) in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI), a collaboration
> between the University of York and Queen Mary.
> http://www.iggi.org.uk/
> these studentships are available for students wishing to pursue a PhD on
> IGGI themes, which include, for instance, gamification and the use of
> games-with-a-purpose for NLP, or interaction in games. Please contact
> Massimo Poesio (m.poesio at qmul.ac.uk
> <https://mailman.uib.no/listinfo/corpora>) for further information on
> these topics, or the other faculty listed on the IGGI pages for
> information on other themes.
> The deadline for applications for the IGGI studentships is also
> 31/1/2019, but the application should be made direcly through IGGI -
> please see
> http://www.iggi.org.uk/apply/
> 3. Studentships funded by the Turing Institute.
> These are 3.5 years studentships that come with an increased annual
> stipend of 20,500 plus a travel allowance and tuition fees. These
> students will be supervised by the Turing fellows from QMUL and will
> work in collaboration with research teams at the Turing Institute. More
> information is available at https://www.turing.ac.uk/phd-at-turing
> The candidates for these PhD positions should apply directly to Queen
> Mary through the usual routes.

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