[Corpora-List] Corpus of questions annotated with Bloom's Taxonomy?

Ulrike Pado ulrike.pado at hft-stuttgart.de
Mon Jan 14 09:27:36 CET 2019

Hello José,

great to hear that you're interested in questions with Bloom's difficulty annotations! I haven't been able to find any corpora of English questions with these annotations, unfortunately.

Most of the work I've seen that uses Bloom's is from the medical domain (medical or pharmaceutical students) and refers to multiple-choice questions.

Alexander Oshorenko's pointers for semi-automating are great. I expect that the results of any verb- and question word spotting will need to be manually reviewed, though. Also keep in mind the issue of previously presented content. For me, the biggest take-home message of the Bloom annotations was that the question wording on its own is not predictive without knowing the exact content that was taught. (If the answer to a difficult question has been explicitly presented, the Bloom level of that question goes down to Remember (=easiest level, pure reproduction), no matter what the wording suggests). This makes the job harder of course for existing corpora where we don't have the teaching materials.



On 11 Jan 2019, at 19:20, José Pablo González wrote:

> Hello,
> There's a few papers (e.g, http://www.aclweb.org/anthology/W17-5001) that
> used a corpus of questions annotated according to Bloom's Taxonomy.
> I am wondering if anyone can share a pointer for any openly-available
> corpus of *English* questions annotated with Bloom's Taxonomy?
> Thanks,
> Jose
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